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Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Research Shows Effects Of Admissions Lottery On Children

Attending preschool at age 4 makes children significantly more likely to go to college, according to an empirical study led by an MIT economist. The study examines children who attended public preschools in Boston from 1997 to 2003. It finds that among students of similar backgrounds, attendance at...

Talking High-Dosage Tutoring: A Researcher and Schools Chief Share Strategies

Two champions of high-dosage tutoring—one a researcher and the other a superintendent — share their expertise and experience on high-dosage tutoring in a virtual forum.

J-PAL North America and Results for America launch support for state and local leaders to evaluate programs using federal recovery dollars

As state and local leaders leverage federal relief funding to invest in their communities, a new program will support these governments in using data, evaluation, and evidence to advance effective and equitable government programming for generations to come.

New research finds ‘formality effect’ in local government letters

As part of Bloomberg Philanthropies' support for the Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University, the renowned behavioral scientist Elizabeth Linos and The People Lab came to Harvard last year. Read about Linos' field-leading research and how it applies to the work of city leaders today.

Opinion: Can moving to a different neighborhood improve your chances in life?

New findings based on two decades of research are reshaping how we understand the importance of neighborhood environments for adults and children, both contemporaneously and over the long-term.

New governors can create vital policies by following the evidence

In a world with limited resources, the agenda setting process to achieve policy goals requires making difficult decisions about which programs to invest in. To ensure resources are spent on programs that actually work, new governors should rely on evidence. Evidence from randomized evaluations can...

Summer jobs for youth pay off

When the topic of the achievement gap comes up, the conversation invariably veers to all the out-of-school factors facing low-income students and students of color that are correlated with poorer outcomes on academic performance, high school graduation, and other measures. New research evidence...

January 2023 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's January newsletter features the scientific director transition and a new partner blog with Bridget Mercier, J-PAL North America Policy and Training Manager.