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How to Stop the Poverty Pandemic

Experience shows that innovative and evidence-based approaches, when executed well, can dent poverty. With the Covid-19 pandemic threatening to reverse hard-won global gains, the need for policy-relevant research, and for scaling effective solutions, has never been more urgent.

Bringing Rigorous Testing to Health Care Policy

J-PAL North America Co-Scientific Director Amy Finkelstein discusses how randomized evaluations are now underway for US government policy initiatives.

Opinion: NYC Schools Can Help Close the COVID Achievement Gap With Tutoring

Tutoring programs are discussed as potential ways to improve student learning and close gaps in academic achievement in light of Covid-19 in New York City, based on evidence from J-PAL North America's Tutoring Evidence Review which showed the positive effect that tutoring has on student academic...

February 2021 North America Newsletter

The February edition of J-PAL North America's monthly newsletter highlights the fifth round of State and Local Innovation Competition proposals, evidence for boosts in Earned Income Tax Credit, and research on the relationship between physical activity and mental health.

Study: Covid-19 communications featuring racially diverse physicians can improve health outcomes for communities of color

In a new study, Esther Duflo, Ben Olken, Abhijit Banerjee, and Marcella Alsan find that improved public health messaging to Black, Latinx, and other communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic can increase Covid-19 knowledge and information-seeking in the United States. The study...

Everyone's talking about a national tutoring corps; here's what we need to know to do it well

Three policy considerations are posed regarding the use of tutoring to address inequities in the education system that have been exacerbated by Covid-19.

January 2021 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's January newsletter recaps a recent webinar on state and local responses to climate change, highlights new research on how improved Covid-19 messaging can help address racial health disparities, and showcases a new research resources library.

Why It’s So Hard to Cut Waste in Health Care

During the pandemic, people have been getting less medical treatment. This saves money but could harm their health, according to J-PAL affiliate Amy Finkelstein citing a J-PAL briefcase.