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Education department set to enlist phone tutoring from Nobel laureates NGO

The department of school education and literacy will collaborate with global NGO J-PAL, which is likely to roll out its celebrated phone tutoring program for maths in Karnataka.

How social norms hold women back: A look at recent evidence

In light of India’s low female labour force participation rate, as a follow up to International Women’s Day, I4I Deputy Managing Editor Nikita Mujumdar highlights a selection of economic research on social and household norms in India which have held women back from taking up higher education and...

How to support entrepreneurship in low- and middle-income countries

More than half of the global workforce is self-employed. Recognizing the need to support these workers, policymakers and development institutions spend over $1 billion annually on training existing and potential microentrepreneurs.

New Water, Air, and Energy Lab to improve access for Capetonians

In a positive move towards sustainable urban development, Cape Town has unveiled its latest initiative, the Water, Air, and Energy (WAE) Lab, aimed at addressing critical environmental challenges and improving access to essential resources for its residents.

UCT hosts Nobel Laureate for lecture on universal basic income in the developing world

On 13 March, the University of Cape Town (UCT) welcomed Nobel Laureate Professor Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, an expert in development economics, for an open lecture on the potential transformative effects of universal basic income in the developing world.

Excitement as Water, Air and Energy Lab launched in City

With lessons learned from the brink of “Day Zero”, drought and energy procurement plans, the City has partnered with a global research centre to launch a new research lab.

Jeanne Lafortune takes over as co-scientific director of J-PAL LAC

The Instituto de Economía UC congratulates J-PAL affiliate and UC Chile professor Jeanne Laforne as co-scientific director of J-PAL LAC. They interviewed her and shared some of her goals and priorities in the new role.

Academic from the UC Institute of Economics presents at the JPAL-LAC international seminar on school tutoring

The Instituto de Economía UC spotlights the J-PAL affiliate Michela Carlana (Harvard) and J-PAL LAC co-scientific director Francisco Gallego's participation in an international education seminar in Chile. They shared their experience with school tutoring. The seminar reflected on school tutoring as...