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Mobile money may help lift people out of poverty

Mobile money services, which allow users to store and exchange monetary values via mobile phone, may help lift people in developing economies out of poverty, a new study led by an Indian origin researcher suggests.

Stanford University to study foreign agricultural worker program in WA

Use of the H-2A program, where agricultural employers hire foreign workers seasonally when they cannot find enough local labor, has skyrocketed since the turn of the millennium. Yakima County had 8,000 such workers October 2021 and June 2022. Researchers from Stanford University and the Washington...

Foundational Learning Key To Improving Learning Outcomes

Children in sub-Saharan Africa, including Nigeria, experienced a learning crisis that worsened due to prolonged school closures and other disruptions to the education system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence-based approaches that will accelerate the learning of foundational skills, such as...

MIT Professor says the pandemic exposed the need to update U.S. government technology

NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer talks with MIT economics professor David Autor about how outdated U.S. government technology contributed to fraud in pandemic aid, like the Paycheck Protection Program.

The fading American Dream in numbers, and what you can do about it

The fading of the ‘American Dream’–along with similar ideals in other developed nations–reflects a fundamental change in the American economy, argued renowned economist Raj Chetty, in a presentation using big data to pinpoint causes and put forward possible solutions.

Economist Chris Blattman has reshaped our understanding of violence and poverty

Chris Blattman, economist and political scientist at the University of Chicago, is one of Vox's Future Perfect 50.

Development programs don’t always work. Rachel Glennerster figures out how and why.

Rachel Glennerster, economist, is one of Vox's Future Perfect 50. These are the people making the future a better place for everyone.

Economics is more than just theory for Seema Jayachandran — it’s a way to help people

Seema Jayachandran, economist, is one of Vox's Future Perfect 50. These are the people making the future a better place for everyone.