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Madhya Pradesh women help desks earn global praise

The Madhya Pradesh Government’s initiative to set up specialised help desks for women in local police stations in the State which led to increased registration of gender-based violence and criminal cases, especially those staffed by female officers compared with those without, has earned global...

How accurate long-range forecasts of monsoon onset can be climate adaptation tool for farmers

Study looks into farmers’ behaviour based on forecast information, insurance in 250 Telangana villages

February 2024 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's February newsletter features upcoming opportunities for state and local governments through the LEVER initiative, an interview with J-PAL affiliated researcher Greg Duncan, and a blog post about regression to the mean and impact evaluation.

What is a firm again? The fluidity of firm boundaries in developing country firms

New papers emphasize examining empirically how market frictions, risk and volatility, and other features of developing markets affect how firms use capital, labor, and managerial inputs, and may make it hard to say what the size of a firm is.

February 2024 Newsletter

Our February 2024 newsletter features the launch of the Humanitarian Protection Initiative, insights from Davos, and a new training partnership in Côte d'Ivoire.

Real-world experiments in messaging show that getting low-income people the help they need is more effective when stigma is reduced

There are pervasive stereotypes that Americans who are low income and access government assistance are lazy, lack a work ethic and are even morally inferior. This stigma has been shown to have many negative consequences. But until now, there’s been little research on whether this stigma influences...

Massive public-health experiment sends vaccination rates soaring

The rate of vaccination against COVID-19 rose sharply in villages in Sierra Leone where health officials held mobile vaccination clinics.

Harvard study follows nonviolent Bexar County inmates who were given free bail

For more than a year, a local nonprofit has been asking certain inmates inside the Bexar County jail if they’d like to participate in a years-long study that gives them a 50-50 chance of getting bailed out of jail for free.