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Could Giving Kids A 50-Cent Pill Massively Boost Their Income Years Later?

It’s one of the cheapest ways to help kids in extremely poor countries: Twice a year, give them a 50-cent pill to kill off nasty intestinal parasites. Now, a landmark study finds the benefits carry over long into adulthood

August 2020 Newsletter

J-PAL and King Philanthropies launch $25 million King Climate Action Initiative and more in J-PAL's August newsletter.

Deworming Pill for Kids Linked to Better Wages When They Grow Up

A pioneering study discovered that giving schoolchildren in poor countries a pill that costs as little as 50 cents and protects them from parasitic infections has dramatic effects. This research over 20 years reveals the benefits carry over into adulthood. NPR's Nurith Aizenman reports.

Adapting to learning needs in the wake of COVID-19 using data and evidence

Over the past several months, the government of Côte d’Ivoire has been working hard to provide access to quality learning opportunities during COVID-19 and explore innovative ways to close learning gaps. The Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) approach offers a promising possibility.

MCA-Morocco Launches Project to Evaluate National Employment Policy

The initiative, dubbed “Lab Emploi,” aims to build national capacities for the assessment, development, and implementation of employment and labor market policies, based on reliable scientific evidence and data.

Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee’s J-PAL proposes pilot project on universal basic income in Odisha districts

Under the pilot project, J-PAL has proposed UBI for poor people in around 400 gram panchayats in these districts by ensuring functional bank accounts of each of the adults and crediting Rs 100 to their accounts every month for 2 years with a budget of Rs 300 crore.

A new study finds that giving kids deworming treatment still benefits them 20 years later

Research by J-PAL affiliates Edward Miguel and Michael Kremer shows that kids who were treated for intestinal worms in 1999 earn far more now than kids who weren’t.

Treating children for worms yields long-term health, economic gains, study says

J-PAL affiliates Michael Kremer and Edward Miguel discuss their research showing that children who received a few extra years of de-worming treatment achieved long-term health and economic benefits.