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The bubble-bursting, causality-revealing awesomeness of randomized controlled trials

The National Science Foundation discusses the power of randomized control trials (RCTs) in determining causality for poverty alleviation strategies. The author points to RCTs conducted by J-PAL-affiliated researchers as examples of this.

We already know what would solve most global development challenges

Nobel Laureate and J-PAL co-founder Abhijit Banerjee discusses the benefit of giving money to low-income communities as a way of decreasing poverty.

To Ease the Climate Crisis, First Figure Out What Works

The New York Times summarized Nobel Laureate and J-PAL co-founder Esther Duflo's interview about climate change and inequality at The New York Times Climate Forward event.

Give cash to the poor, and they’ll squander it? This Nobel laureate has a different opinion

Nobel laureate and J-PAL co-founder Esther Duflo spoke with Channel News Asia about the benefits of direct cash transfer programs in reducing poverty.

India Must Improve Its Standard of Care To Achieve Universal Healthcare

Urvashi Wattal, senior policy manager at J-PAL South Asia, and Moulshri Mohan, former policy manager at J-PAL South Asia, discuss the importance of implementing research-informed policies when it comes to improving India's healthcare system. Wattal and Mohan pointed to three J-PAL randomized control...

Flexibility for women in Indonesia’s labour market

Nurina Merdikawati, a postdoctoral research fellow at J-PAL Southeast Asia, and Sarah Xue Dong argue that investment in affordable childcare, transport, and Internet infrastructure will increase Indonesian women's access to the labor market.

September 2022 Newsletter

The September 2022 J-PAL Newsletter celebrated the five-year anniversary of the Data, Economics, and Development Policy MicroMasters program, and featured a blog on mitigating learning loss and upcoming events.

August 2022 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's August newsletter features the launch of two evaluation incubators and stories from previous evaluation incubator partners.