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What it takes to replicate a gender equality programme

Lessons from an evidence-based approach to scaling a gender equality programme across Indian states.

J-PAL North America and Results for America announce 18 collaborations with state and local governments

Organizations will support government agencies in using evidence to advance economic mobility and racial equity in the wake of Covid-19.

J-PAL LAC 2023 Year Recap Newsletter

This special newsletter from J-PAL LAC celebrates J-PAL's 20th anniversary by highlighting the research center's most notable achievements in the region in the past year.

December 2023 J-PAL North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's December newsletter features reflections on our ten year anniversary, a new blog post from our researching racial equity series, and ongoing studies conducted by J-PAL’s affiliated researchers on interventions to address the opioid epidemic.

India’s Women’s Reservation Act: A big win for governance and beyond

Amidst debates about whether the Women's Reservation Act—passed in September this year—will reduce gender disparities on the ground, Wattal and Gopalan summarise evidence from several randomised evaluations on women's participation in local government.

December 2023 Newsletter

In the December 2023 newsletter, we share evidence on supporting farmers facing climate change, highlight community-focused partnerships for water access, and learnings from the Graduation approach to support people facing extreme poverty.

Here’s a realistic path to protecting the Amazon rainforest

As trees disappear, the Amazon’s ability to return moisture to the atmosphere declines, leading to less rainfall, higher temperatures and a dry forest. Unless levels of deforestation drop dramatically, this feedback loop could transform over half of the Amazon into savanna within decades.

Schools ramp up battle against chronic absenteeism

Schools are stepping up efforts to combat chronic absenteeism, a major factor in plummeting test scores and other problems educators have faced with students since the pandemic.