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Covid-19 creates a window for school reform in Africa

Referencing insights from J-PAL affiliated evaluations of "Teach at the Right Level" programs, schools in sub-Saharan Africa are running "catch-up" programs to address learning losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gender Sensitisation Curriculum To Be Introduced In Punjab Schools

The Government of Punjab, in association with the NGO Breakthrough and the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab South Asia (J-PAL), has decided to include Breakthrough’s gender sensitisation curriculum in the syllabi for grades sixth, seventh, and eighth in the schools of Punjab operated and aided...

From plate to plough: Improving Indian agriculture’s water efficiency

India has been identified identified as a water-stressed country, with the majority of its drinkable water being used for agriculture. To address this, The Punjab government, along with the World Bank and J-PAL, has launched certain pilots to encourage rational use of water among farmers.

Leverage edtech’s transformational potential

Research conducted by J-PAL affiliates finds that access that access to education software improves academic outcomes for students, suggesting that Edtech has the potential to improve "Teach at the Right Level" approaches by increasing access to education and promoting equal learning opportunities...

Bringing Rigorous Testing to Health Care Policy

J-PAL North America Co-Scientific Director Amy Finkelstein discusses how randomized evaluations are now underway for US government policy initiatives.

Condemning Anti-Asian Hate and Violence

We at J-PAL North America stand in solidarity with Asian and Asian American communities as we grieve and condemn the horrific murders in Cherokee County and Atlanta and the recent surge in anti-Asian violence, discrimination, and rhetoric. These assaults, often targeted at women and elderly people...

Digital wages can make fintech inclusive

A study conducted by J-PAL affiliate Emily Breza in Bangladesh found that paying low-earning manufacturing workers digitally through a mobile banking service helps them improve their spending habits and gain more trust in banking systems while allowing them to learn more about finance technology.

Finding Indonesia’s everyday heroes and marking the week of International Women’s Day

In light of recent studies showing Covid-19 has contributed to higher domestic violence rates and higher numbers of women leaving the labor force or working unpaid, strategies are being pushed for by activists to improve gender equality and social and economic services for women in Indonesia.