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January 2021 Newsletter

J-PAL reflects on the last year, including achievements, hardships from the Covid-19 pandemic, and how it will continue to build on lessons learned in 2021.

Education in 2021: Perspectives from Botswana

The Teaching at the Right Level approach — delivered both in schools and its principles delivered virtually through mobile phones — is a way to address the learning crisis and build back better to enable all children to achieve foundational learning. In Botswana, researchers were able to rapidly...

Poverty Pioneers

Alison Fahey and Adam Osman from J-PAL MENA share their thoughts on the role of philanthropy in building a culture of evidence use. The interview with Philanthropy Age covers the motivation behind launching J-PAL, J-PAL's approach to generating and using evidence, as well as pathways from research...

Tutoring to Combat COVID-19 Learning Loss

If unaddressed, Covid-era learning loss may harm students for decades to come. For policymakers seeking to combat this crisis, scaling up tutoring may be a safe bet, as suggested by evidence reviewed by J-PAL affiliates.

December 2020 North America Newsletter

J-PAL North America's December newsletter features research on tutoring as a strategy to combat Covid-19 learning loss, a recent webinar series on the use of administrative data in policy research, and a new learning agenda for state and local policymakers.

Exclusive: France to launch development innovation fund chaired by Esther Duflo

France will start a Fund for Innovation in Development next year to test and scale up solutions to poverty and inequality, a move its founders hope will “transform” the country’s approach to aid.

Unpaid electric bills undermine efforts to improve access: Study

Electric utilities in many developing countries often don't get fully paid by consumers for the power they supply.

Building resilience among ultra-poor for times of crisis

Shagun Sabarwal and Maximilian Lohnert from J-PAL South Asia write about the lack of integration into the existing social protection system exacerbates the poor's vulnerabilities, leaving them without adequate support structures during a crisis. They also discuss how investing in a livelihood...