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Study finds physicians are widely effective messengers of Covid-19 information

A recent study by J-PAL affiliates explores how people's behavior in the light of Covid-19 can be influenced with accurate and clear information conveyed by trusted experts, such as physicians.

July 2021 Newsletter

In the July 2021 newsletter, we highlight a new op-ed addressing how deeply unequal access to Covid-19 vaccines may be diminishing trust in high-income countries to meet other promises related to climate change.

India's billionaires got richer while coronavirus pushed millions of vulnerable people into poverty

CNN's article on wealth inequalities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in India draws on a recent study by J-PAL researchers on the impact of the pandemic on workers in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Why Insurance Alone May Not Improve Women's Access To Healthcare

A study by J-PAL affiliate and Health sector co-chair Pascaline Dupas of the Rajasthan government's Bhamashah health insurance program for low-income households reveals findings about health insurance cover and gender inequality in access to subsidized healthcare.

Surat’s emission trading scheme to be replicated in Ahmedabad: CM Rupani

J-PAL researchers and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board are spearheading an emissions trading system in Gujarat, India to reduce pollution and improve air quality.

Why Evidence Should Be a Priority in Pandemic Recovery

J-PAL North America's Rohit Naimpally writes about the opportunity to leverage evidence-based approaches to address long-term systemic challenges in state and local governments.

Duflo offers pathways to a better future, lessons from COVID-19 crisis

J-PAL co-founder and Nobel laureate Esther Duflo shares how Covid-19 pandemic recovery efforts can be used to forge a shared destiny between rich and poor countries if rich countries can commit to vaccine provision and social protection.

COVID pushed men into informal labour, women out of workforce: study

A survey of young, semi-skilled migrants from rural Bihar and Jharkhand by J-PAL affiliates and researchers from the University of Warwick shows that the Covid-19 lockdowns in India led to women dropping out of the labor force and men working more informal jobs.