Affiliate and Invited Researcher Criteria

Affiliates Criteria

New affiliates can only be nominated by current affiliates. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of J-PAL reviews these nominations once a year with a deadline in the spring. Every year, J-PAL receives many nominations for outstanding researchers to join the affiliate and invited researcher network. However, because of limited staff and resources to provide support to affiliates, we can only invite a very few to join the network.

J-PAL affiliates should be currently affiliated with a university or its equivalent, where academic freedom to publish results is protected, either as a professor or as a principal investigator. Researchers working at "funding and implementing" organizations (e.g. the World Bank, ADB or IDB) are not invited to be affiliates because of potential conflict. See our affiliate directory

Invited Researcher Criteria

Invited researchers typically have less experience carrying out randomized evaluations than affiliates and are invited to either a specific J-PAL initiative or a specific J-PAL regional office. Invited researchers to a J-PAL initiative are eligible to apply for funding from that initiative. Invited researchers to a J-PAL regional office are eligible to contract with that regional office to carry out field research. See our invited researcher directory.