How to participate in PROSA

The main goal of J-PAL LAC and UVG’s PROSA is to build solid long-term relationships for generating and applying evidence for programs with the potential to impact Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Tells us about your work on ECD

Do you have an intervention or program that involves Early Childhood Development? This may include topics that relate to early childhood such as:

     Health      Nutrition Home Environment Stimulation & Development
Health Icon Nutrition Icon Home Environment Stimulation & Development


PROSA also considers cross-cutting interventions to help caregivers overcome barriers that prevent them from investing in early childhood development, such as cash transfers.

Participate in our informative webinar to learn how you may be part of PROSA or write to:  [email protected].

Training Sessions and Collaboration Opportunities

PROSA has a standard process for selecting organizations to develop partnerships. Interested organizations may apply through a Training Request to receive three introductory training sessions on impact evaluation and evidence use. The training sessions will help to connect and learn from organizations implementing interventions around early childhood development in Guatemala. After these sessions, J-PAL will continue conversations with participating organizations to define next steps. These next steps may include: 1) presenting and disseminating relevant evidence to inform specific programs; 2) partner with organization that are eligible and interested in receiving technical assistance from PROSA experts; 3) partner with organizations that align with PROSA’s research agenda and assess the feasibility of designing evidence-informed innovations and/or conducting randomized evaluations. 

If you are a government institution and are interested in participating in Training Sessions, new information to register will be made available in January of 2024. 

How to participate?

Are you interested in participating in upcoming  Training Sessions on how to use evidence to inform better policies and programs surrounding ECD? Register for our Information Session on August 30, 2023. 

Activity More Information Date
Information Webinar PROSA Free online informational session explaining how to engage with PROSA, the contents and purpose of the training sessions, and future opportunities for those who complete the training sessions [REGISTER] August 30, 2023
Training Requests submissions Organizations implementing programs with a potential impact on ECD that are aligned with PROSA’s mission and commit to the entirety of the sessions will be eligible to participate [APPLY] September 13th 2023
Training Sessions Three training sessions will be available where participants learn about evidence use, theory of change, and the Generalizability Framework October 23 - 26, 2023
Follow up conversations and define next steps Follow up conversations for identifying next steps: 1) evidence use for program improvement, 2) technical assistance for potential randomized evaluations aligned to the research agenda December 2023 - Jan 2024
Dissemination of Evidence Use Webinars and informational sessions on relevant evidence on ECD will be made available for interested organizations Feb 2024 - Dec 2024
Technical Assistance Organizations that complete the training sessions and have innovative and transformative programs can apply to receive technical assistance from PROSA experts and together with the research team identify the feasibility for conducting randomized evaluations Feb 2024 - Dec 2024



Who’s eligible to participate in trainings?

All organizations that have initiatives or programs that relate to Early Childhood Development (pregnancy-5 years) are eligible to apply. This includes initiatives and programs that include cross-cutting topics such as: nutrition, preventive health, home environment, stimulation, and early childhood education. We will also consider cross-cutting interventions (i.e. cash transfer) that have the objective of leveraging interventions at early stages of life. 

If my organization is selected to participate in the online training, how many people would attend the training sessions?

You may register between two and six members of your organization. 

Who’s eligible to apply to receive evidence use webinars?

All organizations working in Early Childhood Development or that work with related cross-cutting topics established in FAQ 1. 

Who’s eligible to apply to receive technical assistance?

Organizations that have completed the training sessions and that participate in a rigorous selection process can be selected to receive one on one technical assistance from PROSA’s experts.

More questions? Email: [email protected]


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