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J-PAL Southeast Asia’s work and outreach across sectors

J-PAL SEA was established in 2013 at the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics and Business with the mission of creating a more productive and inclusive society. Within the last ten years, J-PAL SEA has conducted multiple rigorous research on social programs and policies across various sectors in Indonesia with the aim to promote evidence-informed policymaking and scale up effective programs.

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The Agriculture sector focuses on evaluating approaches that aim to encourage farmers to adopt optimal agricultural practices and evaluates programs that can increase farmers' access to markets and enhance their livelihoods. Learn more.

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Our work in the Education sector seeks to address issues related to pedagogy, teacher training, early childhood development, and the role of technology in promoting an effective educational environment. Learn more.

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Environment, Energy, and Climate Change

Our work in the Environment, Energy, and Climate Change sector seeks to fill the evidence gap of existing environmental policies in the region. Learn more.

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Our work in the Finance sector aims to increase access to financial services and optimize financial well-being to reduce poverty and spur economic development. Learn more.

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Our work in the Firms sector seeks to understand the constraints that may hinder firms’ growth and identify effective ways of how to best help firms grow, innovate, and contribute to economic growth. Learn more.

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Our work in the Gender sector aims to explore effective ways to improve female labor force participation, enhance women's economic empowerment and well-being, and reduce the prevalence of child marriage. Learn more.

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Our work in the Health sector focuses on the use of campaigns to influence health behaviors and immunization decisions, and tools to promote healthy sanitation practices, and improve children’s nutrition and communities’ well-being. Learn more.

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Labor Markets

Our work in the Labor Markets sector focuses on identifying effective ways to help job seekers find and maintain work. For example, by evaluating the impact of referrals on new hires’ job performance and turnover. Learn more.

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Political Economy and Governance

Our research in the Political Economy and Governance sector seeks to support the transparency and accountability of government programs, increasing citizens’ political participation, and reducing corruption and leakages. Learn more.

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Social Protection

Our work in the Social Protection sector aims to identify and evaluate policies and programs that aim to assist low-income families, insure against shocks, and break poverty traps. Learn more.