Tejal Johri

Senior Research Associate, J-PAL South Asia

Tejal Johri is a Senior Research Associate at J-PAL South Asia in the Payments and Governance research team. She is currently working in Mumbai on the Choice project: an evaluation that randomizes the choice of cash transfers or rations for the beneficiaries of the public distribution system. The study looks at the effects on beneficiary preferences and valuation, through a series of price experiments.

Prior to joining J-PAL, she worked as a research assistant at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. She has a MRes in economics from the University of Warwick, where she did her dissertation on the effects of gender quota on the quality of politicians in Brazil. She has field experience in implementing a randomized evaluation in India on gender gaps and political participation of women. In the past, she has also done a survey in Haryana where she studied the role of Panchayats in the functioning of the PDS system.

Her interests lie at the intersection of political economy, gender and development.