Elizabeth Linos

 Elizabeth Linos in a white shirt and light grey jacket

J-PAL Affiliated Professor

Associate Professor

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Elizabeth is the Emma Bloomberg Associate Professor for Public Policy and Management and Faculty Director of The People Lab at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Her work primarily focuses on how to improve government services. Specifically, Elizabeth uses insights from behavioral science and evidence from public management to consider how to recruit, retain, and support the government workforce, how to reduce administrative burdens that low-income households face when they interact with their government, and how to better integrate evidence-based policymaking into government. Prior to this role, she was an assistant professor at UC Berkeley, Head of Research at the Behavioral Insights Team in North America, and, before that, she worked directly in government as a policy advisor to the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, focusing on social innovation and public sector reform. She received her PhD in public policy from Harvard University.

Elizabeth has served as a lecturer at J-PAL training events.