Diana Suarez

Headshot of Diana Suarez

Research and Training Manager, J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean

Diana Suárez is a Research and Training Manager at J-PAL LAC, where she works providing support for the implementation of new randomized evaluations, to ensure high quality and transparency in the research processes, and reproducibility of the results. Particularly, Diana monitors the projects’ adherence to J-PAL research protocols, contributes to the development and curation of research resources, participates in matchmaking activities connecting policymakers with academics interested in evaluating social policies, and contributes to the development of new research proposals for randomized evaluations, among others. Likewise, Diana works conducting training courses, building capacities among government officials, practitioners, and public leaders so that they learn about the randomized impact evaluation methodology, which allows them to identify potential opportunities to evaluate their own projects, and also learn about the importance of using the evidence generated from these evaluations to strengthen their decision-making processes and the design of their interventions.

Prior to that, Diana worked conducting the social incubator of Fondo Convoca Chile, the Employment Challenge, and leading a process evaluation of a training program aimed to enhance the business abilities of entrepreneurs in Chile. Diana holds an M.Phil in International Development from the University of Bergen, and an M.A in Governance and Public Policies from the University of Queensland. In addition, Diana holds a B.A in Public Administration from the Central University of Ecuador. She worked for several years within the Ecuadorian public administration, including ministers, secretaries, and municipalities in the planning, execution, and evaluation of public projects.