Putu Poppy Widyasari

Research Manager, J-PAL Southeast Asia

Putu Poppy Aimy Widyasari is a Research Manager at J-PAL Southeast Asia where she works on the Raskin Reform project and supervises the project on Virtual Migration, Taxation, and the Social Insurance Administration Organization (BPJS TK). Prior to joining J-PAL Southeast Asia in 2016, she worked in the private sector in Indonesia as a management trainee and business analyst until she obtained a scholarship from the Indonesian Government (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education/LPDP) to pursue her postgraduate study.

Poppy holds a BA in economics having majored in business management from Bakrie University where she graduated with the highest GPA in her year. She also holds a master's degree in international and development economics from The Australian National University where she was awarded the Helen Hughes Prize in Master of International and Development Economics for achieving the highest overall aggregate result in her graduating class.