CLEAR center for Latin America and the Caribbean to be established at the Catholic University of Chile

Global Evaluation Initiative, Catholic University of Chile and J-PAL LAC teams after a meeting at Chile
Photo credit: Rodrigo Merino | CLEAR LAC

Set to commence in 2024, the Center for Learning in Evaluation and Results for Latin America and the Caribbean (CLEAR-LAC) will find its new home at the prestigious Catholic University of Chile.

CLEAR-LAC is endorsed by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), with the support of the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank (IEG) and the Independent Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Program (IEO).

The Center will be an implementing partner of the GEI and contribute to its mission by supporting the strengthening of national monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and promoting and improving the use of evidence for decision-making.

Fabio Pittaluga, Senior Operations Officer at GEI, points out that “It is important for countries to ascertain if the invested resources yield the expected results. The CLEAR centers play an important role in enhancing transparency and accountability, and they are a driving force in promoting the efficient allocation of public funds."

CLEAR-LAC aims to strengthen M&E capabilities within countries, disseminate knowledge, and provide essential support to several M&E stakeholders, whether in the public, private, or civil society sectors.

CLEAR-LAC was previously hosted by the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) of Mexico for a decade. Last year GEI initiated a new call for hosting CLEAR-LAC and out of 14 institutions that applied, the Catholic University of Chile emerged as the selected destination.

Dugan Fraser, GEI Program Manager, affirms the choice, saying, "The Catholic University of Chile presented a compelling case for hosting the CLEAR Center, aligning strategically with the GEI vision. The University's impressive academic and intellectual achievements, coupled with its excellent facilities and established reputation, made it the ideal choice for us.” 

CLEAR-LAC will become part of the network of CLEAR Centers, spanning Asia, Africa and Latin America, with a total of seven centers that collaborate to support the strengthening of national M&E systems and promote the use of evidence in decision-making. 

Cristian Crespo, the future Executive Director of CLEAR-LAC, underscores the collaborative spirit, noting, “In our region, a vibrant community representing diverse perspectives, promotes the use of evidence for decision making and strengthens capacities in monitoring and evaluation. We recognize and value the dedicated work of all individuals and institutions that have tirelessly championed these efforts. We are excited to continue this valuable journey and move forward together."

Within the Catholic University of Chile, the UC Public Policy Center, J-PAL LAC and Mide UC will support CLEAR-LAC to ensure its success. In the coming months, an announcement will be made regarding the date for the beginning of CLEAR-LAC's operations. In the meantime, the website and the email [email protected] will be available for further information.