Colorado Vital Statistics and Health Information Data Set

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Registries and Vital Statistics Branch (RVSB)

Individual-level vital records data from birth and death certificates in Colorado.

Unit of Observation:
Personally Identifiable Information Available for Linking:
Colorado, United States of America
Years Available:
Frequency of Updates:
Annual with an approximately 6-month lag (e.g., CY 2014 data expected in July 2015)

Births and deaths of all Colorado residents


To request access to public and nonpublic CDPHE data, researchers must enter the Data Request System (DRS), follow the steps detailed in this guide, and submit a Data Inquiry Form. If researchers request access to nonpublic or health facility-specific information, CDPHE will send researchers a data request packet, which includes a Requestor Information Form, Data Request Form, Study Summary, Data Security, Use, and Confidentiality Agreement, and Requestor Supervisor Letter. Additionally, researchers must submit proof of IRB approval in the data request packet before CDPHE can release nonpublic data. Separate Data Security, Use, and Confidentiality Agreements (DUAs) must be submitted for each individual researcher who intends to work with the confidential data.

Timeline for Access

Generally, CDPHE reviews data requests submitted through the DRS within a couple of days. Allowing time for researchers to complete the data request packet for nonpublic data sets, clarification of the request, and other negotiations as needed, CDPHE aims to approve applications within 1-2 weeks. From the date of approval, CDPHE typically completes the linking process and sends the matched data set to researchers within 2 weeks.

Records must be destroyed or returned to the RVSB upon completion of the work described in the initial data request packet unless the RVSB provides a specific date for destruction or return. Researchers must notify the RVSB in writing within 30 days of destroying or returning the data.

Lag Time

Records are updated annually. Final calendar year data are available for request approximately 6 months after the end of the calendar year of interest. For certain public health surveillance activities and for vital records linkages, researchers may request provisional, current-year data.


A fee may be imposed to account for programming and data preparation activities. Generally, CDPHE follows a $50 per hour fee structure for requests that are not covered under existing funding sources. Fees are for services provided and are not for access to specific records.


CDPHE does not release identifiable vital statistics data but will conduct matches for approved projects. When requesting sensitive data, CDPHE will return a de-identified, matched data set to researchers.

Identifiers Available for Linking

  • Date of birth
  • First and last name
  • Social Security number
  • For linking purposes, CDPHE requires that data sets include name and date of birth. In addition to these identifiers, CDPHE will link on Social Security number when possible.

Linking to Outside Data Sources

CDPHE will link their data with administrative data, data collected by the researcher, and other data sets.

Data Contents

Partial List of Variables

For birth records: mother’s race/ethnicity, education, and age, gestational age at birth, month of entry into prenatal care, plurality of birth, birth weight, infant gender, county, and zip code.

For death records: race/ethnicity, gender, age, zip code, county, cause of death (ICD-10), underlying cause of death, and infant death.

J-PAL Randomized Evaluations Using this Data Set


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