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A woman at a desk with a baby on her lap looks at her laptop screen while the baby plays

The challenges of childcare in a pandemic and the impact on women’s work

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, 99 percent of the world’s 2.36 billion children faced some restrictions on movement, and 60 percent faced lockdown measures. With many schools and daycare facilities closed, who is taking care of the children?
A woman uses her phone

Can digital technology help create a more gender-equal society?

Despite considerable progress in achieving gender parity, inequalities faced by women remain a major global challenge. Can access to the right financial tools support women’s empowerment and result in better outcomes for not only women but also children, household welfare, and the wider community?
Two men sitting down listening to a facilitator of the UBL program

Preventing intimate partner violence by engaging men: Evidence from Unite for Better Life in Ethiopia

A growing body of evidence suggests that gender inequality, especially social norms that endorse violence against women, is one of the main drivers of IPV. What programs can effectively build more gender equitable attitudes and behaviors, and do these behaviors translate into reductions in violence...
Four women group around a counter at a small shop. One woman is performing a transaction on a digital card reader.

Improving women’s digital literacy as an avenue for financial inclusion

To ensure Indonesia continues to experience gender-equitable growth, efforts geared towards financial inclusion must take into consideration women’s needs, in particular among poor and digitally illiterate populations. How can insights from Indonesia’s past financial inclusion experiences inform...
Four women group around a counter at a small shop. One woman is performing a transaction on a digital card reader.

Meningkatkan kemampuan digital perempuan untuk inklusi keuangan

Agar pertumbuhan setara gender terus berlanjut, upaya inklusi keuangan di Indonesia harus memenuhi kebutuhan perempuan, terutama kelompok berpendapatan rendah dan kemampuan digital yang terbatas. Bagaimana wawasan dari pengalaman inklusi keuangan Indonesia dapat menginformasikan kebijakan untuk...
A woman wearing a hijab sits typing at a computer

Improving female labor force participation in MENA

Female labor force participation in MENA is the lowest globally. Evidence from recent randomized evaluations conducted in MENA help shed light on some reasons why participation rates are so low and what types of policies could help increase them.
A smiling women speaks on a cell phone in front of an Mpesa stand.

Building back better: Catalyzing digital financial services for women across Africa

The G7 partnership on women's digital financial inclusion in Africa, of which J-PAL Africa’s Digital Identification and Finance Initiative is a participant, recently held its first annual event focused on Catalyzing Digital Financial Services for Women Across Africa: Supporting Recovery, Resilience...
Six women sit in a row with their backs to a wall

Addressing inequalities in women’s work: J-PAL launches Gender and Economic Agency Initiative

Women face even greater challenges to labor force participation than usual due to the pandemic. J-PAL’s new Gender and Economic Agency Initiative (GEA) launches to support innovative research on strategies to promote women’s work and enhance women’s economic agency.