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Launch Conference - March 26, 2019  | Training for implementers

The first round of requests for proposals (RfP) will be launched in May 2019 and will focus on improving the inclusion and the social and economic future of first- and second-generation migrants and refugees in Europe through interventions in education and skills training.

Who can apply?

All J-PAL affiliates and invited researchers may apply for ESII funding. The initiative does not accept proposals from research teams that do not have a J-PAL affiliate and/or invited researcher listed as a co-investigator. Potential proposals must submit requests for funding for either a full evaluation or a pilot study.

How much funding is available?

Full studies: The initiative may award funding to proposals for full studies of €100,000-€350,000. These grants are for research projects with a clear research question, committed implementing partner(s), randomization design, well-defined instruments, and sample size estimates.

Pilot studies: Pilot studies are eligible for funding of €10,000-€50,000.

The criteria for pilot funding apply only to proposals requesting funds to conduct piloting (pre-randomization) activities.

How can I apply?

We are not currently accepting proposals. We expect the first RfP to launch in May 2019. Please check back then for further details.