Improving Electoral Participation: Evidence from Randomised Evaluations

Accra, Ghana

Improving Electoral Participation: Evidence from Randomised Evaluations is the first in a series of regional policy outreach events under J-PAL's Governance Initiative. The conference will include presentations of evidence from randomised evaluations by J-PAL affiliates on ways to improve voter knowledge and participation as well as group work to discuss the evidence and brainstorm how to build strong policies and programs based on the evidence. Attendees will include policymakers, practitioners, media representatives, and researchers from Ghana and across the West African region.

This event is being hosted by J-PAL Africa, in partnership with IPA and DFID.

For further enquiries, please contact Olawunmi Ola-Busari.


Improving Electoral Engagement: A Narrative on the Evidence (Slides) - Tavneet Suri, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Policy Deliberation and Electoral Returns: Evidence from Benin and the Philippines (Slides) - Léonard Wantchékon, Princeton University

Debates: Voter and Politician Response to Political Communication in Sierra Leone (Slides) - Kelly Bidwell, White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team