IPA and J-PAL Africa Impact Evaluation Course, 2015

Workshop or Training
Lusaka, Zambia

This page is a place where participants can find a variety of resources leading up to, during, and after the IPA Zambia and J-PAL Africa Impact Evaluation Course in Lusaka, Zambia. It will contain information on course logistics, the course schedule, course lectures, case studies, group exercises, and other pertinent readings.

Who Should Attend

Members of the Government, development practitioners, and researchers from Zambian institutions are invited to attend a four-day workshop, which will highlight the importance of impact evaluations and help develop the skills needed to understand randomised evaluations.

Course Content

The course will consist of two streams: the researcher stream and the policymaker stream. Both streams will have the same core. The core of the course will be content on key components of randomised evaluations. This will include, why evaluation is important, different kinds of impact evaluation, the benefits of randomization, as well as the threats to randomisation. The researcher stream will have supplementary material on the more technical aspects of evaluations, such as power calculations. The policymaker stream will have supplementary material on identifying good evidence and how to use evidence in policy making.

Course Fees

International Organisations: 2000 ZMK
Zambian Organisations: 1500 ZMK


For further enquiries, please contact Ashleigh Morrell.


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1. What is an Evaluation & Theory of Change

2. Measuring Impact

3. Why Randomise?

4. How to Randomise

5. Policymakers: Sampling and Sample Size

6. Researchers: Sampling and Sample Size

7. Policymakers: Cost Effectiveness

8. Education Evidence Review

9. Health Evidence Review

10. Threats and Analysis

11. Project from Start to Finish