Recognition: J-Stars

J-Stars for Outstanding Performance
The J-Stars award acknowledges the extraordinary efforts made by our staff worldwide who work toward fulfilling the mission of J-PAL. These recipients demonstrate values such as hard work, innovation, teamwork, collegiality, and exceptional technical skills. We have 3 award categories.

Innovative Solutions Award

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

  • Creates new and sometimes unexpected solutions in a face of a specific challenge and/or that are in the best interests of J-PAL, e.g. developed solutions to effectively work together during the pandemic 
  • Embraces change as an opportunity for growth and innovation
  • Takes a future-oriented approach to short and long-term challenges
  • Participates in collaborative problem-solving, breaking down boundaries and/or creating new relationships to improve the way work gets done

2021 Winners

Aimee Hare (Africa)

Aimee Hare is recognized for her outstanding work on establishing and further advancing the DigiFI’s African Scholars program, especially her efforts in growing a network of regional researchers, finding creative ways to engage and support them, establishing a mentorship program for the scholars, among the many other pieces she initiated and coordinated to make this program successful. Her leadership, passion and nuanced work are key to J-PAL’s DEI efforts, and add substance to the J-PAL and sector-wide movement to be more diverse and equitable.  

Rama Krishna (South Asia)

Rama Krishna is recognized for his outstanding work in providing technical, innovative, and creative solutions for many operational projects. Specifically, this award acknowledges the work he has done in the past year to create tools and applications that helped the J-PAL to transition overnight from the traditional forms of data collection to surveying remotely. 

Social Champion Award

This award is for teams and/or individuals who: 

  • Displays behavior and takes actions that help teams step out of work silos
  • Initiates forums/activities/gatherings that help J-PAL socialize beyond work
  • Promotes an inclusive workplace, e.g. welcomes and integrates new staff members and/or helps us connect with one another
  • Appreciates, encourages, and motivates others to be their best at J-PAL

2021 Winners

Prajval Jhunjhunwala (South Asia)

Prajval Jhunjhunwala is recognized for taking several initiatives to keep the J-PAL South Asia team connected during the pandemic. Because of his efforts in creating various newsletters, games, and spoof videos, organizing activities for "Beat the COVID Blues," setting up a book club, collaborating with other regional offices to organize cross-office coffee meetings, and organizing a virtual party in December, he made this past year much brighter for his colleagues, a year which would have easily otherwise been distant and dull. 

Nadia Setiabudi (Southeast Asia)

Nadia Setiabudi is recognized for taking initiative to arrange and attend social activities and gatherings at J-PAL Southeast Asia that help promote an inclusive workplace. From recommending the best food in the neighborhood, assisting her colleagues with work related tasks, consistently reaching out to staff members to strike up conversations, including new staff in chats or lunches, J-PAL acknowledges her ongoing enthusiasm and going above and beyond to connect us with one another, particularly during a time when much of our lives are limited to online interactions.

Outstanding Contributor: Working Behind the Scenes Award  

This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

  • Provides consistent excellence; goes above and beyond without fanfare
  • Fills in when and wherever needed and always performs at a high level
  • Takes initiative to solve problems and improve work situations without being prompted
  • Demonstrates reliability, perseverance and a focus on results
  • Helps others by sharing knowledge

2021 Winners

Jatnna Amador (North America)

Jatnna Amador is recognized for her consistent excellence, reliability, perseverance and a focus on results without fanfare, especially her behind-the-scenes work for setting the stage for the J-PAL North America policy and training teams to run seamless events. She also coordinates the logistics of internal staff events like the all-staff virtual retreat and fun social events, and handles many other complicated tasks with a strong attention to detail and a willingness to solve problems no matter when they arise.

Siena Harlin (Global)

Siena Harlin is recognized for her consistent excellence, reliability, perseverance and a focus on results without fanfare on both the communications and Firms sector team, especially her work behind the scenes on a number of recurring, but important communications tasks. These include daily content production and management of J-PAL's social media channels, producing the quarterly alumni newsletter, regularly updating the J-PAL History page and Covid-19 page on the website, editing the biweekly funding newsletter, and editing more than 50 blog posts per year involving extensive iteration with authors and thoughtful but firm feedback.

Samantha Lam (Global)

Samantha Lam is recognized for her consistent excellence, going above and beyond without being prompted, reliability, perseverance, and her focus on results. Of special note are her incredible technical skills, outstanding commitment to J-PAL, immense hard work, ability to handle pressure and stress, amazing collegiality, positive learning attitude, and her commitment to very high standards of excellence.

Sarah Margolis (North America)

Sarah Margolis is recognized for her consistent excellence, reliability, perseverance and a focus on results without fanfare. More specifically, her outstanding work overseeing 100 active subawards, including completing the unsung work of getting the necessary paperwork, collecting reports, and facilitating countless interactions amongst internal staff, external awardees and affiliates, in addition to being J-PAL North America's Salesforce guru. 

Hansa Parmar (South Asia)

Hansa Parmar is recognized for her consistent excellence, reliability, and perseverance. In addition to being an imperative member of the Research Operations team, she possesses a strong work ethic in collaborating with all staff, particularly field staff, and assisting them with any challenges they face and providing feedback, even at the cost of his time and without any fanfare.

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