Our work would not be possible without the close collaboration and dedication of many partners. Together we are driven by a shared belief in the power of scientific evidence to understand what really works in the fight against poverty.

We work closely with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), a non-profit research organization with programs and offices around the world. Other partners are:

  • Implementing organizations like governments, NGOs, multilateral organizations, and businesses who run programs that our affiliated professors evaluate, use our policy lessons from research, and scale up programs that are proven effective.
  • Donors including foundations and bilateral organizations who provide funding for evaluations, scale-ups, and research initiatives.
  • Research centers and organizations that run the randomized evaluations of our affiliated professors, including the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) at the University of California, Berkeley, the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP), the Crime Lab at the University of Chicago, Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at Harvard Kennedy School, and IFMR Lead.

Center for Global Development

Center for Global Development (CGD) works to reduce global poverty and improve lives through innovative economic research that drives better policy and practice by the world’s top decision-makers.

Center for Governance and Development in India

Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) at the University of Michigan

The Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) conducts, supports and fosters applied academic research to inform local, state, and urban policy issues.

Center for Population and Policy Studies, Universitas Gadjah Mada

The mission of the Center for Population and Policy Studies is to increase public awareness and understanding of population- and policy-related problems by conducting research on policy and analyses on population-related issues.

Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)

CSDS, or the Centre, provides a unique institutional space which seeks to nurture intellectual interests outside the entrenched boundaries of academic disciplines.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides health coverage for 100 million people in the United States through Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children's Health Insurance Program. CMS provided matching funds for the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment.

Central Asia Development Group

The Central Asia Development Group is a private contractor that delivers engineering, aviation, agricultural services, and development assistance to remote and challenging locations.

Central Bank of Kenya

The Central Bank of Kenya was established in 1966 through an Act of Parliament - the Central Bank of Kenya Act of 1966. The establishment of the Bank was a direct result of the desire among the three East African states to have independent monetary and financial policies. This led to the collapse of...

Centre de recherche en économie et statistique (CREST)

CREST seeks to participate in research development though modeling of economic and social phenomena and though the advancement of design and implementation of statistical methods.

Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE)

Established in January 2010, CAGE is a research center in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the center’s research program is focused on how countries succeed in achieving key economic objectives such as improving...

Centre for Development Innovation and Practice (CDIP)

The Centre for Development Innovation and Practices (CDIP) is a microfinance institution operating in Bangladesh. In addition to financial services, it also runs remedial schools and offers agricultural extension services.

Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan

The Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan, or CERP, is an independent nonpartisan policy institution focused on improving decision making in Pakistan through rigorous quantitative research, engaging with policy counterparts with real policy challenges and designing and advising on high impact...

Centre for Innovative Financial Design

The Centre for Innovative Financial Design works at the intersection of research and action to create and test financial products that bridge the gap between the financial needs and financial access of the poor. To ensure the success and scalability of their ideas, their work follows a cycle of...

Centre for Micro Finance (CMF)

The IFMR Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) in India has quickly grown since its inception in 2005 to become one of the largest organizations in the world dedicated to research on access to financial services for the poor. Through rigorous empirical research, knowledge dissemination and outreach to...

Centre for Policy Research

The Centre for Policy Research is an independent and non-partisan Indian research institute and think tank. Its main objectives are to provide thought leadership and creative solutions to address pressing intellectual and policy issues. It has partnered with J-PAL to assess and improve health...

Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies

The Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo) at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) is committed to identifying success and failures in interventions and to promoting best practice in evaluating and conducting interventions. In particular, the Centre will be a focal point for...

Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford

The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) has been researching economic and social development in Africa since 1986. These days, a large team of development economists research not only countries in Africa, but also in other developing areas of the world. The CSAE is part of the Social...

Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa and the African School of Economics

CSEA's mission is to enhance development outcomes in Africa through evidence-based research.

Centro de Formación Empresarial

Centro de Formación Empresarial is an NGO that trains entrepreneurs with small- and medium-sized businesses.

Centro de Investigación de Estudios Rurales y Urbanos de Nicaragua (CIERUNIC)

The Centro de Investigación de Estudios Rurales y Urbanos de Nicaragua has collaborated with J-PAL affiliates on evaluations in Nicaragua.

CFA Bâtiment

CFA Bâtiment is an apprentice training center in France.

CFA les 13 vents

CFA les 13 vents is an apprentice training center in Tulle, France.