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A young child receiving immunization drops

Customizing performance pay to overcome health worker procrastination in Pakistan

  • James Andreoni
  • Karrar Hussain
  • Muhammad Yasir Khan
  • Charles Sprenger
Tailoring performance-based incentives according to health providers’ innate characteristics reduced procrastination and increased polio vaccination in Pakistan.
A man tutors two young students

The Transformative Potential of Tutoring for Pre K-12 Learning Outcomes: Lessons from Randomized Evaluations

J-PAL’s Tutoring Evidence Review aims to serve as a resource as education leaders, policymakers, and funders work to combat the Covid-19 learning loss, improve student learning outcomes, and minimize the growth of academic disparities.

Building Capacity, Overcoming Obstacles, and Creating Evidence: An Evaluation Guide for State and Local Policymakers

Since 2015, J-PAL’s State and Local Innovation Initiative has partnered with state and local governments to generate rigorous evidence on what works to reduce poverty around the United States. J-PAL North America has received more than 100 letters of interest from state and local governments across...
Sule Alan talks to children in a classroom in Turkey.

Understanding Each Other: Improving Inter-Ethnic Cohesion in Schools in Turkey

  • Ceren Baysan
  • Mert Gumren
  • Elif Kubilay
An interactive classroom program encouraging students to consider one another’s perspectives in Turkey lowered peer violence, improved relationships between refugee and Turkish students, and increased prosocial behaviors like trust, cooperation, and altruism.
A smiling woman stands in the center of a group of other women.

Enhancing Women’s Agency: Cross-Cutting Lessons From Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Studies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This Evidence Review highlights key research findings on evidence that cuts across multiple domains of women’s agency and identifies research questions that remain to be answered.
women holding hand out to receive medication

On Track: Health Care, Patient Data, and Provider Performance

Biometric tracking increased the likelihood that patients adhered to recommended tuberculosis treatment, improved health worker attendance, and reduced misreporting of patient data by health workers.

HCDI Evidence Wrap-up

This publication describes some work to date supported by J-PAL North America’s US Health Care Delivery Initiative (HCDI). It summarizes the results of several randomized controlled trials supported by HCDI, as well as several publications related to studies supported by HCDI.
election officials with ballot papers in a polling station

J-PAL Governance Initiative Review Paper

This publication summarizes the academic review paper that informs the research agenda and highlights open questions of J-PAL's Governance Initiative.
Brick buildings

Reducing and Preventing Homelessness: Lessons from Randomized Evaluations

J-PAL’s Evidence Review “Reducing and Preventing Homelessness: Lessons from Randomized Evaluations” highlights key research findings on policies to help people access and maintain stable, affordable housing and identifies research questions that remain to be answered. The publication synthesizes...