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Insuring the Uninsured

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment found that covering the uninsured with Medicaid increased the use of health care, including primary care, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits; diminished financial strain; and reduced depression. There was no statistically significant impact on physical...
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J-PAL Governance Initiative Review Paper

This publication summarizes the academic review paper that informs the research agenda and highlights open questions of J-PAL's Governance Initiative.

Know Your Status?

Even very small incentives can encourage people to return for their HIV test results. However, for most people, learning status did not substantially change the number of condoms they purchased.

Latest Findings from Randomized Evaluations of Microfinance

  • Jonathan Bauchet
  • Laura Starita
  • Jeanette Thomas
Recent evidence from randomized studies of microfinance indicate that poor people face various limits in their ability to capitalize on financial opportunities. Product design matters, and inexpensive design tweaks may help the poor to benefit more from financial products and services.

Make It Rain

Weather index insurance protects farmers against losses from extreme weather and facilitates investment in their farms, but randomized evaluations in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa have shown low demand for these products at market prices, suggesting the need for alternative approaches.

Making Schools Work for Marginalized Children

Remedial tutoring is inexpensive and successful in helping the lowest-achieving students of rural India catch up to their classmates.

Menstruation as a Barrier to Education?

Girls in Nepal missed only half a day of school per year due to menstruation, and modern sanitary products did little to address this very small attendance gap.
Classroom in Italy | Photo by Stefano Guidi Shutterstock.com

Mind the Gap: Aligning Immigrant Students' Aspirations to Abilities

Offering tutoring and career counseling to high-ability immigrant students closed the educational gap between native-born and immigrant boys in Italy.

Paying for Performance

Performance pay for tax officials in Punjab, Pakistan significantly increased tax revenues without harming taxpayer satisfaction.