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Three women are seated on a stage.

Celebrating 20 years of J-PAL and looking to the future

On November 3, we hosted an event at MIT in Cambridge, MA, that brought together a diverse group of partners to reflect on two decades of progress and look to the future. The event showcased perspectives of people engaging directly with evidence-informed policies, featuring program participants and...
 The implementation of main water pipelines connection project in Qena with the participation of the local community.

20 for 20: Life from Water’s evidence-based journey in Egypt

  • Mohannad Abouelrouse
This is the sixth post of J-PAL’s 20 for 20: Partner Voices blog series, where we showcase stories of results and impact with our partners to celebrate our twentieth anniversary. Read on to learn more about how J-PAL Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) partnership with Life from Water Foundation...
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20 for 20: Empowering change in Ghana as an African researcher

  • Edward Asiedu
As J-PAL celebrates its 20th anniversary, Edward Asiedu shares his experiences as part of the J-PAL network and sheds light on the impactful work he has accomplished in Ghana. In this blog post, he will take you through the journey that led him to this field and share the perspective of an African...
Attending members of the Bonn evaluating social programs course listening to speaker

J-PAL at 20: Supporting the use of rigorous evidence in German development cooperation

How can we support our policy partners to institutionalise the use of rigorous evidence? This blog post, the second in a series exploring J-PAL's research and policy activities across Europe, looks at our partnership with German development cooperation actors to facilitate the use of evidence in...
Students sitting at desks for first day of high school exams at Vittorio Alfieri state high school in Turin

J-PAL at 20: Promoting more inclusive education in Italy

This blog post, part of J-PAL Europe's series on research and activities across Europe, looks at a series of randomised evaluations in Italy that explore this question with a particular focus on students from immigrant families. As school systems across Europe welcome increasingly diverse...
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J-PAL at 20: Reflecting on two decades of promoting evidence for impact in Europe

To mark J-PAL’s 20th anniversary, J-PAL Europe’s Executive Director, Anna Schrimpf, reflects on the history of J-PAL’s work in Europe and what our Europe office hopes to accomplish in 2023 and beyond.