Covid Dialogues: Labor Markets and Covid-19 Recovery Brown Bag

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Two women making buying and selling produce at a local market during Covid-19
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Over a hundred million people lost employment in 2020 and many more worked reduced hours. The economic repercussions of Covid-19 will likely be felt well into 2030. What policies might speed the path toward recovery? Please join J-PAL's Labor Markets and Firms teams for an informal discussion of firms and labor markets research and its policy implications. 

 At this event, J-PAL staff will present insights from global evidence on strategies to increase firms’ take-up of emergency relief, overcome job search barriers, and compensate for lost income through public works programs. We will also share reflections from J-PAL’s first year running the Jobs and Opportunity Initiative, which funds rigorous research to address pressing employment challenges. The event will then turn to a Q&A portion for audience members to ask questions of their own. Join the brown bag event to discuss strategies for economic recovery in the time of Covid-19. 

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This event is part of J-PAL's Covid Dialogues series, which features insights from researchers and policymakers on how to respond with evidence to the Covid-19 pandemic’s most critical policy questions.

Speakers & Agenda


Siena Harlin
Senior Policy and Communications Associate, J-PAL Global

Lisa Corsetto
Policy Manager, J-PAL Global

Simon Cooper
Policy Associate, J-PAL Global