Crime & Violence Prevention

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J-PAL North America’s work in crime and violence prevention seeks to identify and promote evidence-based practices to reduce crime and violence, increase opportunities for individuals who are at-risk for involvement in the criminal justice system, and foster the fairness and efficacy of related institutions, policies, and programs.

Our staff and network of affiliated researchers work with nonprofits and government agencies to design and implement randomized evaluations to test questions on how best to improve the equity and functionality of the criminal justice system, and current and completed projects in this area cover a range of related topics.

Please contact Yiping Li to learn more.

Key Facts

  • Research RFP: Closed
Open to J-PAL affiliates, J-PAL post-docs, and invited researchers.


For researchers

Request for Proposals

SPRI’s Special Criminal Justice Reform Spring 2020 RFP is now open, with a proposal deadline of 5pm ET on Friday, May 1, 2020.

Initiative Staff

Kalila Jackson-Spieker, Policy Manager
Yiping Li, Policy Associate

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