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Incentives for Immunization

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Rachel Glennerster

Small incentives for parents, coupled with reliable services at convenient mobile clinics, increased full immunization rates sixfold. This approach was twice as cost-effective as improving service reliability without incentives.


Know Your Status?

Rebecca Thornton

Even very small incentives can encourage people to return for their HIV test results. However, for most people, learning status did not substantially change the number of condoms they purchased.

Education, Health, Gender

Menstruation as a Barrier to Education?

Rebecca Thornton

Girls in Nepal missed only half a day of school per year due to menstruation, and modern sanitary products did little to address this very small attendance gap.


The Price is Wrong

Charging small fees dramatically reduces access to important products for the poor.
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Health, Political Economy & Governance

Absenteeism: Showing Up is the First Step

You can build schools and clinics and stock them with books, drugs, and equipment, but if the teachers, nurses, and other providers are chronically absent, these investments will be wasted.