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Search our database of policy briefcases and bulletins. Briefcases summarize the results and policy recommendations from one randomized evaluation, while bulletins synthesize the broader policy lessons emerging from multiple evaluations on the same topic.

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Education, Political Economy & Governance

Solving Absenteeism, Raising Test Scores

Esther Duflo, Rema Hanna

On an average day in rural Udaipur, India, 44% of teachers are absent from school. While Udaipur’s problem was especially severe, teacher absence is all too typical of schools in poor countries. This briefcase summarizes the implications from the evaluation of one highly successful program to reduce absenteeism.

Political Economy & Governance

Routes to Reduced Corruption

Benjamin A. Olken

Top-down audits effectively reduced corruption in Indonesian village road projects, but community-level monitoring had no effect unless pains were taken to prevent control by elites.
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Political Economy & Governance, Gender

Women As Policy Makers

Raghabendra Chattopadhyay, Esther Duflo

Local leaders in India invest more in public goods directly relevant to the needs of their own gender.

Health, Political Economy & Governance

Absenteeism: Showing Up is the First Step

You can build schools and clinics and stock them with books, drugs, and equipment, but if the teachers, nurses, and other providers are chronically absent, these investments will be wasted.