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We train implementers and policymakers on how to become better producers and users of evidence from impact evaluations. 

Although the idea of impact evaluation is intuitively simple to grasp, in practice there are many pitfalls that can bias results, or otherwise hinder our ability to answer important questions: at best, these can make the impact evaluation uninformative, and at worst, they can be misleading. J-PAL is committed to build capacity for and support others to become avid users and producers of evidence.

Since 2005, J-PAL has been running in-person Executive Education courses for researchers who produce evidence, people who commission it, policymakers and donors who use it, and advocates of evidence and evidence-informed policy. J-PAL offers four types of courses: Evaluating Social Programs, Evaluating Social Programs (Advanced), M&E Management, and Measurement. All courses use a set of integrated teaching methods that include lectures, case studies, group work, and hands-on exercises.

In 2013, in response to high-demand, J-PAL launched a free interactive online version of its Executive Education course with the goal of making it more accessible to people all around the world.

  • Executive Education: Evaluating Social Programs

A five-day program for development practitioners on evaluating social programs that provides a thorough understanding of randomized evaluations and pragmatic step-by-step training for conducting one’s own evaluation

  • Other Course Offerings include:

Evaluating Social Programs, Advanced Course

A two to three-day workshop, for researchers with a background in economics and econometrics, that provides a detailed introduction to the use of randomized field experiments in development economics

M&E Management Course

A four-day workshop, for M&E managers and implementation staff, that covers topics such as managing data collection and analysis, including advanced monitoring tools and evaluation methods

Measurement Course

A three-day course, for M&E and research professionals, on measurement and survey design that imparts essential skills on quality data collection

  • Open Online courses

An online version of the Executive Education course, Evaluating Social Programs, available to everyone with an internet connection, hosted by MITx through the edx platform.

Upcoming Courses
Evaluating Social Programs Executive Education Course

East Asia, Workshop or Training

J-PAL and KOICA Executive Education Course, South Korea

22 February 2016 to 26 February 2016
| South Korea

This Executive Education course is a five-day training on evaluating social programs which will provide participants with insights on randomized evaluations and pragmatic guidance for conducting their own evaluations.