Training at J-PAL Africa

The training team at J-PAL Africa holds training events to build researcher capacity to conduct randomized evaluations and policymaker capacity to use evidence from randomized evaluations effectively.

This page refers to capacity building activities undertaken by the J-PAL Africa office. To learn about J-PAL Executive Education courses elsewhere in the world, as well as online course offerings, please visit our Global training page

Building Research Capacity

Executive Education Course

This five-day course on evaluating social programmes provides a thorough understanding of randomised evaluations and pragmatic step-by-step training for conducting one’s own evaluation. The course is designed for managers and researchers from NGOs, governments, international development organizations, and foundations from around the world, as well as trained economists looking to retool. View lectures and materials from past Cape Town Executive Education courses in 2016 and 2017

A J-PAL Executive Education Course will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from 29 July to 2 August 2019. Learn more and apply »

Building Policymaker Capacity

Evidence to Policy Courses

These customised courses aim to build the ability of policymakers and practitioners to decipher between good and bad evidence and share structured ways of thinking about when and how to use evidence from one context to inform policy in another. The courses include interactive case studies based on research from the J-PAL network in which participants work though how to apply global evidence to local challenges. View lectures and materials from our 2015 Impact Evaluation Course for Zambian policymakers and practitioners. 

Theory of Change workshops 

These customised workshops are developed for government partners with whom we are working on evidence-informed scale ups. The workshops aim to build the skills of these partners in developing theories of change and using them to inform their subsequent evaluation strategies.

For more information on training at J-PAL Africa, please contact Ashleigh Morrell.