J-PAL Africa @ 10

A decade of bridging the gap between research and policy.

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What a decade it has been! During this time, J-PAL Africa has achieved meaningful milestones such as launching Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa together with the NGO Pratham, to scale remedial learning solutions across the continent, as well as hosting the Digital Identification and Finance Research Initiative (DigiFI), J-PAL’s first Africa-based research initiative.

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Highlights from J-PAL Africa's work

We are proud of J-PAL’s role in fostering a now thriving, diverse ecosystem of actors across the continent, focused on generating and using rigorous evidence in order to better serve the most vulnerable. Learn more about our work in different countries.

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Remarks from friends

We are grateful for everyone who has helped us grow into the organization we are today, to the partners who amplify our work and share our vision to reduce poverty through evidence use.

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