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A person uses an e-money app on a phone while sitting in front of a laptop.

IFII Blog Series: E-commerce platforms as a path to women’s financial inclusion

In the third installment in the IFII Blog Series, we discuss the challenges and opportunities to increase e-commerce adoption among women business owners.
Four people wearing masks sit in a row on chairs. The person on the far right is speaking into a microphone.

Providing financial and in-kind assistance improves living standards for all but for some more than others: Evidence from a randomized evaluation conducted in Upper Egypt

  • Adham Hamdy
Sawiris Foundation for Social Development hosted a seminar on Sunday, September 12 in collaboration with the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Middle East and North Africa based at The American University in Cairo to discuss findings of a study conducted on the effects of loans and grants on...
A group of women and children stand in a group, talking

Seri Blog IFII: Menerapkan Lensa Gender dalam Mengukur Dampak Layanan Keuangan Digital terhadap Pemberdayaan Perempuan

Meski laki-laki dan perempuan di Indonesia memiliki akses yang setara ke layanan keuangan digital atau Digital Financial Service (DFS), hal ini tidak menjamin tingkat penggunaan DFS yang setara antara laki-laki dan perempuan. Artikel sebelumnya di seri blog ini telah membahas bagaimana pentingnya...
A group of women and children stand in a group, talking

IFII Blog Series: Applying a gender lens in measuring the impact of DFS on women’s empowerment

In the second installment of the IFII blog series, we discuss the importance of applying a gender lens to measuring impact and share practical considerations for measuring empowerment.
An Indian woman sits at a sewing machine, stitching a purse

Gender and Economic Agency Initiative funds nineteen new research projects on women’s work

GEA has completed its second full funding round, supporting nineteen research teams to produce evidence that addresses critical knowledge gaps on what works to support women’s economic agency. Read about the funded projects.
A folder labeled "Medical Bills" and marked "past due"

Exploring the benefits of rigorous evidence with the team behind the evaluation of RIP Medical Debt

Allison Sesso (Executive Director of RIP Medical Debt) and Wes Yin (UCLA) discuss the ongoing randomized evaluation of RIP Medical Debt’s model for buying and relieving medical debt.
Two women in line at bank

Seri blog IFII: Pemberdayaan Perempuan melalui Layanan Keuangan Digital Inklusif

Pemberdayaan perempuan merupakan salah satu tujuan penting layanan keuangan digital inklusif. Seringkali kebutuhan keuangan perempuan belum dapat dipenuhi oleh produk-produk keuangan yang ada, sehingga kendali mereka terhadap berbagai keputusan keuangan menjadi terbatas. Oleh karena itu, layanan dan...
Two women in line at bank

IFII Blog Series: Advancing inclusive digital financial services to empower women in Indonesia

Financial services can give women more control over financial decisions, which can lead to empowerment and improved well-being. When designed properly, access to financial services may not only help women build resilience and take advantage of opportunities, but it can also help them set goals and...