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Teenagers sit in a circle in a classroom, talking.

Affiliate Spotlight: Elise Huillery

Elise Huillery is a Professor of Economics at Paris Dauphine University. Her research focuses on policies addressing lack of education and the psychological barriers to individual progress out of poverty. From the humanitarian projects of her youth to the policy research she leads today, Elise...
Amy Finkelstein

A healthy understanding

  • Peter Dizikes
Amy Finkelstein has changed what we know about Medicaid, Medicare, the economics of health care—and, increasingly, medical care itself.
Children sit on the ground, playing on tablets

Affiliate Spotlight: Karthik Muralidharan

Karthik Muralidharan is the Tata Chancellor’s Professor of Economics at the University of California, San Diego and also serves as a J-PAL Board member and co-chair of the Education sector. A pioneering researcher in education and service delivery, Karthik has profoundly influenced social service...

Affiliate Spotlight: Paul Niehaus

Paul Niehaus is a co-founder and president of GiveDirectly, co-founder of fintech start-up Segovia, and professor of economics at the University of California, San Diego. Named one of 100 leading global thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine in 2013, Paul represents a new generation of development...
Will Dobbie headshot

Affiliate spotlight: Will Dobbie on conducting randomized evaluations to reduce inequalities in the United States

Will Dobbie is a J-PAL affiliate and an assistant professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University. He is a recipient of a 2019 Sloan Research Fellowship, awarded to “early-career scientists of outstanding promise” in recognition of “distinguished performance and a unique potential...

Affiliate Spotlight: Seema Jayachandran and Benjamin Olken on promoting inclusivity in development economics

Seema Jayachandran and Benjamin Olken are the new co-directors of the Development Economics Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. In their new roles, they aim to promote diversity in gender, race, and methodology. Read the full Q&A to learn more.