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The Effects of a Gender-based Violence (GBV) Curriculum on GBV and Education in Mozambique

In Mozambique, researchers are evaluating the GBV and schooling impacts of implementing a GBV curriculum targeted at students.

Roots and Remedies: Persistent poverty and violence amongst urban street youth in Liberia

Sebastian Chaskel
Margaret Sheridan
To understand the long-term effectiveness of CBT among adults, researchers evaluated the impact of a short-term CBT program and the distribution of unconditional cash transfers on the behavior of high-risk young men in Liberia. CBT reduced criminal behavior among participants both in the short run...

A 20-year Follow Up to an Early Childhood Stimulation Program in Jamaica

James Heckman
Rodrigo Pinto
Arianna Zanolini
Christel Vermeerch
Susan Walker
Susan Chang-Lopez
Sally Grantham-McGregor

Can Devolving the Police Increase the State's Capacity to Provide Legal Protections

Jasper Cooper
Researchers are using a randomized evaluation in Papua New Guinea to study the impact of the Community Auxiliary Police (CAP), a program that devolves policing powers to carefully selected community members.

Using Cultural Ceremonies to Reduce Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Transmission

Vandana Sharma
Jessica Leight
Fabio Verani
Samuel Tewolde
Negussie Deyesa
Researchers evaluated the effect of a gender-transformative skills-building program on IPV incidence, HIV risk behaviors, and other health outcomes in rural Ethiopia. Overall, the program led to reductions in IPV when delivered to groups of men, but not when delivered to couples or to women only...