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Cash and Compliance with Social Distancing in Ghana

The researchers aim to understand the role that digital cash transfers can play as a policy tool both to increase household resilience during the pandemic and to stem the spread of the disease by increasing adherence to social distancing in Ghana.

Using Text Messages to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 in India

Sebastian Bauhoff
Girija Bahety
Dev Patel
James Potter
Researchers tested whether reminders delivered via text message improved knowledge and adoption of social distancing and handwashing. They found no evidence that individuals changed their self-reported behaviors; this finding may highlight limited effectiveness of SMS-based information campaigns...

The Impact of Mask Distribution and Promotion on Mask Uptake and Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Jason Abaluck
Laura H Kwong
Ashley Styczynski
Ashraful Haque
Md. Alamgir Kabir
Ellen Bates-Jefferys
Emily Crawford
Jade Benjamin-Chung
Salim Benhachmi
Shabib Raihan
Shadman Rahman
Neeti Zaman
Peter J. Winch
Md. Maqsud Hossain
Hasan Mahmud Reza
Stephen P. Luby
Researchers partnered with Innovations for Poverty Action and Bangladeshi policymakers to test various strategies to increase mask-wearing and assess the impact of community mask wearing on SARS-CoV-2 infection rates. They found that a four-part intervention tripled mask usage and increased physical...

Instruction and Financial Incentives to Improve Covid-19 Knowledge in Mozambique

James Allen IV
Arlete Mahumane
James Riddell IV
Tanya Rosenblat
Hang Yu
In Mozambique, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test whether teaching about Covid-19 prevention and/or financial learning incentives enhanced participants’ knowledge related to Covid-19. They found that both interventions improved Covid-19 knowledge separately and, moreover...

Cash transfers and psychological support to address mental health impacts of Covid-19 in India

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected health systems and economies across the world. Low-income communities have experienced particularly detrimental impacts, as a lack of financial stability further exacerbated augment the crisis. In partnership with the mental health care center SCARF, researchers...

Giving effective information to fight COVID-19

Sergio Bautista
Martin Lajous
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of public health messages on hand washing and compliance with government mandated guidelines in Mexico.

Accelerating Changes in Norms about Social Distancing to Combat COVID-19

Tanya Rosenblat
James Riddell IV
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluations to test the impact of different types of public health messaging on the practice of social distancing.