Labor Markets

J-PAL’s Labor Markets sector evaluates what works to get the unemployed back into the workforce, to ease young people’s transitions from the classroom to the working world, and to provide the skills entrepreneurs need to succeed.

The Youth Initiative seeks to evaluate policies and interventions that can help disadvantaged youth to successfully navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood. This includes policies to promote integration of youth into the labor force, foster entrepreneuriship, enhance life skills, and help youth avoid risky behavior.


Youth Initiative Review Paper

About one-fifth of the world’s population is between the ages of 15 and 24, yet they represent a disproportionate amount of the unemployed. In this review paper, J-PAL Sector co-Chairs Marianne...


Public or Private? Job Counseling in France

An intensive counseling program for job seekers at risk of long-term unemployment in France helped them find work sooner than the standard low-intensity counseling program, and the counseling was...


Moving to Opportunity

Neighborhoods matter for the well-being of residents. Helping families with young children living in high-poverty housing projects to move to lower-poverty neighborhoods improves the later-life...


Job Placement and Displacement

Career counseling for young, college-educated job seekers in France helped them find work sooner, but this improvement came at the expense of jobs for those who did not receive counseling, and it did...


Isaac Mbiti

Isaac Mbiti is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Economics at the University of Virgina. His research interests are in economic development, labor economics, and demography.


The Impact of Employment on High-Risk Men in Liberia

Without special attention to creating economic opportunities for ex-combatants, they may be more likely to join rebellious groups, commit crime, and otherwise threaten political stability. In Liberia...