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High school girls in Accra, Ghana posing for the camera in their graduation uniforms.

Investing in girls' education? Top 3 lessons from the evidence

How can governments, donors and implementing partners decide on where to invest to improve girls’ enrollment? Global evidence on effective interventions can be a great place to start. J-PAL Africa highlight three key lessons everyone should keep in mind on keeping girls in school.
Marcella Alsan leans against a short wall, facing the viewer.

Affiliate Spotlight: Marcella Alsan on her recent MacArthur Fellowship award and researching racial disparities in health

Marcella Alsan, economist, physician, and Co-Chair of J-PAL’s US Health Care Delivery Initiative, was recently selected as a recipient of a 2021 MacArthur Fellowship, in recognition of her work “investigating the role that legacies of discrimination and resulting mistrust play in perpetuating racial...
Headshots of Abhilasha and Amber

Alumni working together: Abhilasha Purwar ‘15 and Amber Luong ‘15 on the need for disruptive innovation to fight climate change

Amber Luong and Abhilasha Purwar first met on a J-PAL South Asia research team. Abhilasha has since co-founded Blue Sky Analytics, a climate tech startup, and Amber is now head of partnerships at Blue Sky. Read their story in our latest alumni interview.
A row of J-PAL staff and Burkina Faso delegates stand in front of a large tapestry.

J-PAL Global’s community reunites after 18 months of remote work

This September we reopened our doors to staff, bringing masked and vaccinated teams into the office on a rotating basis to ease social distancing. For the first time since March 2020, we also welcomed government officials to campus to discuss plans for establishing a human capital development hub in...
Esther Duflo smiles and looks at something to her right off camera

Affiliate Spotlight: Esther Duflo on deciding how to share

  • Douglas Clement
Esther Duflo on the Nobel Prize, effective program interventions, and diversity in economics.
People in suits stand on the steps of a large building

Leveraging learning agendas to catalyze policy relevant research: Three takeaways from federal and local approaches

This August, the White House Office of Management and Budget previewed the roll out of a government-wide learning agenda to bring together vital questions raised across government agencies. On the precipice of this exciting initiative, we reflect on the critical role that learning agendas can play...
Two women in line at bank

Seri blog IFII: Pemberdayaan Perempuan melalui Layanan Keuangan Digital Inklusif

Pemberdayaan perempuan merupakan salah satu tujuan penting layanan keuangan digital inklusif. Seringkali kebutuhan keuangan perempuan belum dapat dipenuhi oleh produk-produk keuangan yang ada, sehingga kendali mereka terhadap berbagai keputusan keuangan menjadi terbatas. Oleh karena itu, layanan dan...
Two women in line at bank

IFII blog series: Advancing inclusive digital financial services to empower women in Indonesia

Financial services can give women more control over financial decisions, which can lead to empowerment and improved well-being. When designed properly, access to financial services may not only help women build resilience and take advantage of opportunities, but it can also help them set goals and...