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Teacher Training and Student Achievement in Science: Evidence from France

Manuel Bächtold
David Cross
Valérie Munier
André Tricot
Adrien Bouguen

High quality instruction throughout primary school is widely believed to have a positive influence on student outcomes. In partnership with a non-profit organization in France, researchers are evaluating the impact of its science and technology teacher training program on the educational interests...

La ampliación de servicios de guarderías infantiles en Chile y sus efectos en la participación laboral femenina

Marcela Perticará

En Chile, investigadores realizaron una evaluación aleatorizada para medir los efectos en la empleabilidad femenina de un programa de provisión de cuidado infantil para los horarios después de finalizada la jornada escolar. El programa aumentó la participación laboral femenina en la fuerza laboral y...

Voting and Habit Formation in the United States

During the 1998 state and federal elections and the 1999 city elections in New Haven, Connecticut, researchers found that face-to-face canvassing and direct mail appeals significantly increased voter turnout not only during the election year but also in the election a year after.

Radio Public Service Announcements and Voter Participation Among Native Americans in the United States

Eline de Rooij

Can media campaigns increase voter turnout among those underrepresented in the electorate? Researchers randomly assigned areas covered by Native American radio programming to either receive or not receive targeted radio messaging encouraging listeners to vote in the 2008 and 2010 US elections. The...

Interfirm Relationships and Business Performance in China

Adam Szeidl

Can facilitating relationships between small- and medium-sized businesses help them grow? In Jiangxi Province, China, researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to study the impact of business relationships on firm performance. Monthly meetings among firms increased sales, profits, and other...

The Impact of Exposing Corrupt Politicians through Government Audits in Brazil

Billions of dollars in government funds go missing each year due to corruption, but there is limited consensus on how best to tackle this global challenge. Researchers leveraged data from Brazil’s long-standing anticorruption program, which holds public lotteries to randomly select municipalities...

The Impact of a Family Planning Mass Media Campaign in Burkina Faso

Although the ability to control fertility can have broad social and economic consequences, social norms and misinformation can discourage contraceptive use in many countries. Researchers are evaluating the impact of a three-year mass media campaign focused on family planning and gender norms in...

Enrolling Informal Sector Workers in National Health Insurance in Indonesia

A key challenge to achieving universal health coverage is that non-poor informal workers are difficult to enroll and retain in government health insurance programs. Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of various incentives and information campaigns on the enrollment...