JOI Brazil: Jobs and Opportunity Initiative Brazil

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JOI Brazil is a J-PAL initiative that seeks to generate scientific evidence on public policies related to pressing challenges in the Brazilian labor market.

If we want to improve labor market conditions in Brazil, what strategy should we choose? Launched in 2020, the Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (JOI) is a J-PAL worldwide initiative that aims at generating robust evidence on policies that address pressing labor market challenges. In 2021, in partnership with the Arymax Foundation, B3 Social, Potencia Ventures, the Inter-American Development Bank, and Insper, J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean launched the Jobs and Opportunity Initiative Brazil (JOI Brazil), which will replicate the actions of JOI for the Brazilian context. By strengthening innovative actions and fostering rigorous research, JOI Brazil will seek to deepen the debate on the labor market in Brazil and disseminate the knowledge created to governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, as well as foundations in the country. Research anchored in scientific evidence will help identify what really works and scale the mechanisms that consistently impact people's lives.

Key Facts

  • Partner RFP: Closed
Open to J-PAL affiliates and postdocs, and JOI invited researchers


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Implementing Partner

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For Implementers

Social Incubation

The social incubation of JOI Brazil has three phases, with the ultimate goal of supporting organizations to develop an evaluation proposal that can be funded through JOI. We seek to stimulate the generation of new research through technical assistance in developing evaluation and monitoring plans and conducting randomized impact evaluations. This model strengthens the culture of impact evaluation in the labor market sector in Brazil.

Organizations interested in participating in the social incubation can fill out the application form for the capacity building workshop, which is open from November 4 to January 12. The responses will be analyzed by JOI Brazil to identify the projects with the greatest institutional and political feasibility to conduct an impact evaluation in their programs. The results will be published on January 13, 2022.

For Researchers

Direct Research Incubation Support (DRIS)

The Direct Research Incubation Support Program (DRIS) is a program to support academics in the incubation of new projects that can lead to RCTs in the topics of Jobs and Opportunities in Brazil. Supported projects can be initial, as long as there is, at some point, the expectation/possibility of a future RCT. The application to receive free support from one of our Research Associates for up to 8 months of work, opens as early as October 2021. Projects will be selected based on alignment with JOI topics and the feasibility of an RCT in Brazil, with preference given to professors based in Latin America. Applications are on a rolling basis. After you submit the form, our team will reach out to schedule a call with the finalist projects to discuss the details of the individualized support.

For Researchers

Request for Proposals (RFP)

J-PAL's Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (JOI) in Brazil funds randomized impact evaluations regarding the Brazilian labor market, such as: What skills are needed for the jobs of the future? How does job training affect labor participation? What characteristics of training programs have the greatest impact? Which policies are most effective in reducing discrimination in hiring? How do labor market regulations affect job creation?

JOI Brazil holds two regular funding cycles per year calling for proposals from J-PAL affiliates and postdocs, and JOI Brazil invited researchers for full research projects, pilot studies, travel/proposal development grants, and policy outreach support grants. Ph.D. students, with support (via a letter) from an advisor who is a J-PAL affiliate or JOI Brazil-invited researcher, are also eligible to apply. Applications are currently closed.

Initiative Team

Board Members

Marianne Bertrand, Co-Chair, Labor Markets, J-PAL Executive Committee
Claudio Ferraz, Co-Chair, Labor Markets, J-PAL LAC
Rodrigo Soares, Co-Chair, Labor Markets, J-PAL LAC


Paula Pedro, Executive Director, J-PAL LAC 
Claudia Macías, Deputy Executive Director, J-PAL LAC
Edivaldo Constantino, Manager, JOI Brazil
Viviane Silva, Research and Policy Associate, JOI Brazil
Luiz Felipe Fontes, Research Postdoctoral Fellow, JOI Brazil