Social Policy Research Initiative

Buildings in North America
J-PAL North America's Social Policy Research Initiative (SPRI), formerly known as the General Research Initiative, supports randomized impact evaluations of innovative social programs and policies that can provide insights for learning which policies work best and why.

The Social Policy Research Initiative (SPRI) hosts a bi-annual Request for Proposals (RFP) focused on randomized evaluations in any sector that contribute to J-PAL’s mission of reducing poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by rigorous evidence. This could include randomized evaluations in North America across a broad range of sectors including climate change, consumer finance, criminal justice reform, education, government efficiency, political economy, etc.

Key Facts

  • Research RFP: Open
J-PAL affiliates, post-docs, invited researchers and eligible graduate students are invited to apply.


For Researchers

Request for Proposals

J-PAL North America's Social Policy Research Initiative (SPRI) invites affiliated, invited researchers, and Ph.D. students being advised by a J-PAL affiliate, to apply to the SPRI Request for Proposals (RFP).

Initiative Staff

Kim Dadisman, Policy and Research Manager
Yiping Li, Senior Policy Associate

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