Social Policy Research Initiative

SPRI RFP - Special RFP: Homelessness  - Funded Evaluations

J-PAL North America's Social Policy Research Initiative (SPRI), formerly known as the General Research Initiative, supports randomized impact evaluations of innovative social programs and policies that can provide insights for learning which policies work best and why.

SPRI hosts an annual Request for Proposals (RFP) focused on randomized evaluations in North America in any sector that contributes to J-PAL’s mission of reducing poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by rigorous evidence. This could include randomized evaluations across a broad range of sectors including consumer finance, crime, education, environment, government efficiency, labor, employment and training, etc. with the exception of proposals related to health.

In addition to the general call for proposals through SPRI, J-PAL has occasionally released special requests for proposals focused on certain topics. Historically, these have included education technology and work of the future. Currently, J-PAL North America is hosting a special RFP on homelessness.

While SPRI accepts proposals across a broad range of social policy areas, please note that J-PAL North America has separate initiatives for several specific sectors; J-PAL NA has a U.S. Health Care Delivery Initiative (HCDI) that funds projects on health and health care topics via the HCDI RFP, an Education, Technology, and Opportunity Initiative (ETOI) that funds projects on ed tech topics via the ETOI RFP, and a Work of the Future Initiative that funds projects related to the changing nature of work via the Work of the Future RFP.