There are 37 ongoing and completed randomized evaluations in 11 countries in Europe.

About us

We tailor J-PAL’s core activities to Europe’s policy needs and audience:

  • Evaluations: Since 2007, the number of affiliated researchers working in Europe has grown from 3 to 21, who together have evaluated over 37 projects in 9 different countries;
  • Policy Outreach: we disseminate research results and support the scale-up of effective programmes;
  • Capacity Building: Over 450 researchers and decision makers from governments, international organisations, NGOs, and private firms have completed our training programmes in Europe and in Francophone Africa, many of whom have gone on to commission or run randomised evaluations within their organisations.

In July 2015, we opened a permanent representation in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, to develop and coordinate J-PAL’s activities in French-speaking Africa.

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