Hub of Advanced Policy Innovation for the Environment (HAPIE)

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The Hub of Advanced Policy Innovation for the Environment (HAPIE) is J-PAL’s regional Air and Water Lab in Egypt, a global initiative founded by J-PAL and Community Jameel. HAPIE serves as an extension to the Egypt Impact Lab (EIL), housed in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MPED) in Egypt, under a new thematic area related to environment, energy, and climate change. 

HAPIE aims to improve clean air and water access in Egypt, by co-generating evidence and informing the policy decisions of government partners. This is an opportunity for researchers to collaborate with J-PAL Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and its government partners to innovate, test, and scale evidence-informed air and water policies.

Egypt’s Vulnerability to Climate Change 

Climate change poses a significant challenge in Egypt, where the country is experiencing increasing temperatures, an average of 0.53 degrees celsius per decade, and unprecedented weather fluctuations. Egypt relies heavily on the waters of the Nile River for irrigation and drinking water, which supplies almost 90 percent of the country's water supply. Furthermore, changes in rainfall patterns and rising sea levels threaten water quality and its impact on agriculture and food security. The combination of population growth and urbanization is exacerbating the situation, putting additional pressure on limited natural resources. 

Building on Successful Partnerships

Following the successful launch of EIL, J-PAL MENA’s flagship initiative with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and four strategic government partners, J-PAL MENA is launching HAPIE in extension to EIL. HAPIE will provide policymakers with valuable evidence on which technological and policy solutions are effective and cost-effective in addressing climate change and poverty in the region.

HAPIE Partners

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Key Facts


Environment, Energy, and Climate Change

Scientific Advisors:

Kyle Emerick




RFP open



Heba Elsahn (Policy Manager) [email protected]


Request for Proposals

HAPIE’s request for proposals is currently open under EIL’s RFP and closes on April 19, 2024. 
Two types of proposals will be considered for HAPIE:

  • Travel/proposal development grant applications (up to $15,000); and
  • Pilot (up to $75,000)

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