Our staff work in four verticals: Research, Education, and Training; Policy and Communications; Evidence to Scale, and Finance and Operations. Staff support J-PAL's work at our global office at MIT and regional offices worldwide.


Headshot of Lou Aisenberg

Policy and Training Manager, J-PAL Europe

Director, J-PAL

Scientific Director, J-PAL Europe

Member, Executive Committee

Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

IIf Bencheikh

Director of Training, Finance, and Operations, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Quentin Daviot

Research Manager, J-PAL Europe

Ana Garcia-Hernandez

Policy and Research Manager, J-PAL Europe

Scientific Director, J-PAL Europe


Paris School of Economics (PSE)

Headshot of Louis Mael-Jean

Research Associate, J-PAL Europe

Sara Merner

Policy Associate, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Abdoulaye Yayoba Ndiaye

Senior Policy Associate, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Cillian Nolan

Director of Policy, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Roselle Ortiz

Administrative Manager, J-PAL Europe

Maya Pargade-Klitzke

Project Associate, J-PAL Europe

Adrien Pawlik

Project Director of the Innovation, Data and Experiments in Education, J-PAL Europe

Daniel Rakotomalala

Data Manager, J-PAL Europe

Executive Director, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Theresa Stienen

Policy Manager, J-PAL Europe


Policy Manager, J-PAL Europe

Headshot of Gustave Trinh

Administrative and Communications Associate, J-PAL Europe