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Affiliate Spotlight: Seema Jayachandran and Benjamin Olken on promoting inclusivity in development economics

Seema Jayachandran and Benjamin Olken are the new co-directors of the Development Economics Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. In their new roles, they aim to promote diversity in gender, race, and methodology. Read the full Q&A to learn more.

Announcing the Innovation in Government Initiative

Today we are announcing J-PAL’s Innovation in Government Initiative (IGI). IGI’s mission is to work with governments to adapt, pilot, and scale evidence-informed innovations with the potential to improve the lives of millions of people living in poverty in developing countries.

Committing to a randomized evaluation: The scariest and smartest thing we ever did

  • Shane DeRolf
My name is Shane DeRolf. I am the founder and CEO of Big Word Club, a digital learning company committed to improving the vocabularies of every kid in America. It all started about 25 years ago when I quit my job to pursue a dream. That dream was to create great media that helped kids think, learn...

Introducing the European Social Inclusion Initiative

Many programs and policies across Europe aim to tackle social and economic exclusion of migrants and refugees, but there is little evidence suggesting which approaches work and which do not. J-PAL Europe recently released a white paper that reviews three key levers of social inclusion in the Europe...