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Four women group around a counter at a small shop. One woman is performing a transaction on a digital card reader.

Improving women’s digital literacy as an avenue for financial inclusion

To ensure Indonesia continues to experience gender-equitable growth, efforts geared towards financial inclusion must take into consideration women’s needs, in particular among poor and digitally illiterate populations. How can insights from Indonesia’s past financial inclusion experiences inform...
Four women group around a counter at a small shop. One woman is performing a transaction on a digital card reader.

Meningkatkan kemampuan digital perempuan untuk inklusi keuangan

Agar pertumbuhan setara gender terus berlanjut, upaya inklusi keuangan di Indonesia harus memenuhi kebutuhan perempuan, terutama kelompok berpendapatan rendah dan kemampuan digital yang terbatas. Bagaimana wawasan dari pengalaman inklusi keuangan Indonesia dapat menginformasikan kebijakan untuk...
A person wearing a mask peddles a bike through an outdoor market.

Strengthening Indonesia’s social protection in the COVID-19 era: Strategy and lessons from evidence

Indonesia has massively expanded its social assistance programs to respond to the crisis. How can we strengthen existing institutions as a backbone to provide assistance to the crisis? As a commitment to supporting the Indonesian government in mitigating the economic impact of COVID-19, J-PAL...
A close-up picture of two hands operating a card reader

Key issues and challenges for advancing inclusive digital financial services in Indonesia

How can technological innovations in digital finance help accelerate progress? This blog recaps an October webinar hosted by J-PAL SEA's Inclusive Financial Innovation Initiative (IFII), which provided an overview of the financial inclusion and digital finance services sector in Indonesia and...
A close-up picture of two hands operating a card reader

Tantangan dan Isu Utama dalam Meningkatkan Inklusi Layanan Keuangan Digital di Indonesia: Analisis Laporan White paper IFII J-PAL SEA

Keberhasilan Indonesia dalam meningkatkan inklusi keuangan dalam beberapa tahun terakhir didukung oleh komitmen yang kuat dari pemerintah dan sektor swasta, serta pesatnya inovasi teknologi terutama yang mendukung penyediaan layanan keuangan digital atau digital financial service (DFS). Memperluas...
A woman wearing a mask helps an older woman to tie on her mask.

Monitoring the social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia

The rapid spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia has wreaked havoc on Indonesia's economy. J-PAL SEA has been conducting a continuous online survey since April 2020 to provide real-time data on the impact of COVID-19 in Indonesia.
Patrya Pratama sits across from three people, looking at large posters on a table between them.

Patrya Pratama, J-PAL ’15, leverages his policy experience to build an education nonprofit

Patrya Pratama joined J-PAL Southeast Asia as a senior research associate in 2014. Now the founder and director of the INSPIRASI Foundation, he joined us to reflect on lessons learned over the course of his public policy career and chat about his work at INSPIRASI.
A woman inside a mall looks at her phone.

Using smartphones to trace mobility during regional lockdowns in Indonesia

Using de-identified location data captured in smartphones, researchers worked with J-PAL Southeast Asia to study movement patterns to analyze how Indonesians changed their behaviors during the initial phases of COVID-19 and during the lockdown.