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Public servants from MIMP (Peru) participate in a training by IPA and J-PAL

Joining forces to address gender-based violence in Peru

How can we identify the best strategies to confront gender-based violence? With this question in mind, in 2016 MIMP, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) Peru, and J-PAL LAC launched a collaboration to develop a learning cycle and institutionalization of evidence-informed decision-making in Peru.
Man reaching out hand to use ATM

Cash transfers and homelessness: Building research partnerships to increase housing stability

Cash transfers are an increasingly popular form of support, but there is a need for further evaluation in the context of homelessness reduction and prevention in the United States. J-PAL is committed to expanding this research base through our ongoing partnerships.
Chuka Ezeoguine stands in front of Killian Court on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA.

J-PAL Africa Intern Spotlight: Chuka Ezeoguine’s journey pivoting to development economics from engineering

Chuka Ezeoguine is a 2021 J-PAL Africa intern who majored in engineering for his undergraduate degree, but had a keen interest in policy and pursued this passion. In this post, he talks about the steps he took to pivot to the field of development economics and his strides within our organization as...
Paraguayan saleswoman in front of clothing market

Evidence-informed strategies to support female microentrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean

One in three female workers in Latin America and the Caribbean are self-employed, but female microentrepreneurs encounter numerous unique barriers to running successful businesses that can vary across countries. A growing body of literature suggests that alternative training programs may be more...
African woman selling in a local market while using her mobile phone.

The challenges of targeting social protection programs

Delivering social benefits to people living in poverty in low- and middle-income countries can be particularly challenging as governments are unable to observe or measure the income of individuals and small businesses. How can these countries possibly identify the poorest in society in the absence...
A person stands at a protest for women's rights.

Using (and generating) evidence to fight intimate partner violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Due to the harmful effects of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), it is imperative to modify the interpersonal, social, and institutional factors related to the prevalence and intensity of this problem. This blog post showcases some interventions with potential for positive impacts as a call to...
Four panelists sit in front of a screen, while one person presents

Promoting healthy behaviors and family planning in Egypt: A recap from the Global Evidence for Egypt Spotlight Seminar

J-PAL MENA at AUC co-hosted a seminar with UNICEF Egypt on February 22, 2022 to share global evidence on fertility and family planning to promote healthy behaviors and curb population growth in Egypt. This seminar was the fifth in a broader Global Evidence for Egypt Spotlight Seminar Series.
Masked students sit at desks in a classroom.

J-PAL South Asia launches ASPIRE with US$6.3 million grant from Veddis Foundation to strengthen the culture of evidence-based policymaking in India

J-PAL South Asia’s efforts to promote policymaking based on scientific evidence and data in India has received a major boost with the launch of the Alliance for Scaling Policy Impact through Research and Evidence (ASPIRE) in partnership with the Veddis Foundation.