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A man sitting in a chair receives a Covid-19 vaccine to the arm

Navigating Indonesia’s post-pandemic era: Addressing opportunity, inequality, and growth

J-PAL SEA recently hosted a webinar aimed at providing insights into the Government of Indonesia’s policy directions and learnings from global evidence on challenges faced in different sectors. Read the key takeaways from the discussion.
Rachna is standing and speaking into a microphone

Alumni Voices: Reimagining how innovation funders measure and value gender impacts

  • Rachna Nag Chowdhuri
Rachna Nag Chowdhuri ‘13 (former research manager at J-PAL South Asia) discusses her work at the Global Innovation Fund to reimagine how funders measure and value impact on gender equality outcomes.
A young child in a daycare setting shows an adult caretaker a yellow plastic ring toy.

Four key lessons for building scale-up partnerships

Scaling up programs that have strong evidence of effectiveness is a vital but often complicated step along the evidence-to-policy journey, and J-PAL has learned a lot about collaborating with policymakers to translate research into large-scale action. In this blog post, Iqbal Dhaliwal (Global...
Two kindergarten children stand in front of a blackboard, smiling.

Foundations for student success: Focusing on functional literacy and numeracy

To support education systems to focus on functional literacy and numeracy, UNICEF is partnering with The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL at MIT), Pratham, and Delivery Associates.
A doctor sits at a computer looking at a chart on a clipboard

Building research partnerships to address the opioid crisis in Minnesota

Adam Sacarny (Columbia University) and Weston Merrick from the Minnesota Management and Budget share insights on the process of launching a randomized evaluation of the state’s prescription monitoring program (PMP). The ongoing study seeks to evaluate the impact of sending informational letters on...
Seema Jayachandrani sits on a wooden bench outside and smiles at the camera.

Affiliate Spotlight: Seema Jayachandran on deforestation, corruption, and the roots of gender inequality

  • Douglas Clement
  • Anjali Nair
Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University) discusses wide-ranging research in the developing world and insights gained into gender parity, economic growth, and pandemic impact in poor nations.
A young girl wearing headphones sits in front of a laptop with notebooks beside her

Q&A with affiliate Michela Carlana on an online tutoring program to address Covid-19-induced educational inequalities

Following the shift to online instruction across Italian schools in March 2020, J-PAL affiliates Michela Carlana (Harvard University) and Eliana La Ferrara (Bocconi University) rapidly launched an online tutoring program to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds who were lagging behind during...
A group of people participating in an impact evaluation training discuss lessons while sitting at a table.

J-PAL South Asia launches Indian Scholars Program to strengthen ties with India-based researchers

J-PAL South Asia’s new Indian Scholars Program (ISP) will provide research funding, training, and networking opportunities for researchers and academics in India to further expand its network of researchers leading rigorous, policy-relevant randomized evaluations in the country.