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Reflecting on a decade of impactful research at J-PAL North America: Ensuring rigorous research design and effective implementation

In part two of J-PAL North America’s ten-year anniversary blog series, we dive into study design and implementation and look at past studies to distill key lessons on ensuring rigorous research design and effective implementation to build an evidence base on poverty reduction strategies.
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Reflecting on a decade of impactful research at J-PAL North America

In the introductory post of the J-PAL North America ten-year anniversary blog series, our scientific leadership reflects on some of the most impactful research conducted by academic researchers in our network and supported by J-PAL North America
ATAI Data Portal

Making every research step count: Introducing the ATAI Data Portal

Today, ATAI launched a new open data platform to bring together the best evidence from ATAI-funded research in a single portal, making it easily accessible to researchers and policymakers alike. The initiative aims to foster collaboration and evidence-informed decision-making in the agricultural...
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DEDP Alumni Spotlight: Digging deeper into research questions inspired at MIT

In January 2023, the Data, Economics, and Design of Policy program welcomed its fourth cohort of students, who came from around the world to MIT for eight months of learning, building friendships, and tackling challenging projects and questions. As the class of 2023 graduates and joins our vibrant...
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A decade of empowering change: Celebrating 10 years of improving lives through evidence in Southeast Asia

To mark the tenth anniversary of J-PAL Southeast Asia, we hosted a gala dinner on July 18, 2023, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event was attended by a wide range of J-PAL partners, including representatives from government institutions, academics, local and international development practitioners, non...
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Shaping the right incentives for firms to facilitate climate adaptation and improve environmental quality

IPA and JPAL have supported numerous rigorous research studies exploring diverse questions related to climate change and sustainable development. In particular, since 2020, the King Climate Action Initiative at J-PAL has funded several randomized evaluations addressing these questions as well as...
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20 for 20: Empowering change in Ghana as an African researcher

  • Edward Asiedu
As J-PAL celebrates its 20th anniversary, Edward Asiedu shares his experiences as part of the J-PAL network and sheds light on the impactful work he has accomplished in Ghana. In this blog post, he will take you through the journey that led him to this field and share the perspective of an African...
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Overcoming administrative burdens: Strategies to increase FAFSA filing in the United States

A new J-PAL policy insight highlights evidence from randomized evaluations on interventions to increase FAFSA filing rates. In this post, we situate the insight within the larger context of higher education and barriers to accessing public programs, also known as “administrative burdens.”