Crime, Violence, & Conflict

J-PAL’s Crime, Violence, & Conflict sector explores lower-cost and more humane methods of reducing crime and violence, and ways to reform criminal justice systems.

A one-room house with bed and clothes hanging from ceiling


Slum Housing Upgrading in El Salvador, Mexico, and Uruguay

Researchers measured the impact of improving the quality of slum housing on household wellbeing in El Salvador, Mexico, and Uruguay. Slum upgrading was found to significantly improve satisfaction...


James Greiner

James Greiner is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He teaches courses on civil procedure, expert witnesses, and voting regulation. His current research focuses on designing interventions and...


The Impact of Employment on High-Risk Men in Liberia

Without special attention to creating economic opportunities for ex-combatants, they may be more likely to join rebellious groups, commit crime, and otherwise threaten political stability. In Liberia...