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Savings Accounts to Smooth Consumption for Low-Income Microentrepreneurs in Chile

Felipe Kast

Researchers examined the effects of free savings account access on savings account use, indebtedness, consumption, and well-being. Easy access to savings accounts reduced participants’ reliance on borrowing, helped them manage fluctuations in income, and increased their self-reported well-being.

Mobile Money and Agricultural Investment in Mozambique

Catia Batista
Pedro Vicente
Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to test the impact of offering interest-paying mobile money saving accounts to farmers, and in some cases farmers’ friends, on their financial behavior such as agricultural investment. Providing farmers access to interest-bearing mobile savings accounts...

Creating a Toilet Habit in Kenya

Judy Chevalier
Johann Caro Burnett
Berhe Mekonnen Beyene

Comparing the Impacts of Industrial Jobs and Self-Employment in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, researchers randomly assigned mostly female jobseekers to receive an industrial job offer or an unconditional cash transfer, meant to spur self-employment. While they found positive impacts of the cash transfers on occupational choice, income, and health in the first year, these effects...